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How an Effective FAQ Page Can Add Value to Your Website

  • October 20 2015
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Placing a well thought out FAQ page is an extremely powerful tool. On top of aiding in demonstrating your expertise, it also can substantially boost your conversion rate, and keep your client base satisfied. It can even help increase your search engine ranking. However, quickly adding an FAQ page filled with random information about your business will not help your objectives. Instead, you must create a carefully planned out page that works to answer any questions your clients might have. Here are a few ways that an FAQ page can propel your business forward. Establish Yourself as an ExpertA FAQ page is an excellent way to showcase your talents and expertise in your industry. Clients would Read More

Simple Proven Ways to Cut Your Bounce Rate

  • July 28 2015
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As a website owner, your overall goal is to increase your number of viewers.  Every owner has different reasons why they want to increase their web traffic.  Whether it is promoting products or displaying your work, the value to create interest in a site is high. When viewers visit forums and then quickly leave this is called a bounce rate.  Developers and web owners can collectively take advantage of understanding how a bounce rate effects their search engine optimization.  Based on knowing how viewers bounce in and out of a website can determine how effective the website is at commanding attention. Theoretically, an elevated bounce rate indicates that there needs to be a change in Read More

5 Powerful Conversion Rate Hacks

  • July 14 2015
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Online marketing needs to be maximized to leverage its possibilities thoroughly. It may be simple to bring visitors to your website, however, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to conversion rates. As a business owner, you are always running against the clock and have a thousand other things to focus on; however improving your conversion rates is a must if you wish to grow your business. Luckily, there are some simple but very powerful hacks you can utilize to skyrocket your conversion rate without too much effort. 1.  Design With Website Conversions in Mind Your website’s design determines how your content is displayed and doing it correctly will reduce your bounce Read More

Writing Tips for Better Conversion Rates

  • January 31 2015
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Your physical website is the main source for your content marketing strategy. You shouldn’t cut any corners when it comes to your copy. It has been found that website visitors tend to exit a website within 10 to 20 seconds, and only skim through an average of 20% of each page’s content. This means that your content should be something that grabs their attention right off the bat. It must be able to inspire visitors to action and increase your website conversion rate. Here are five writing tips to follow in order to drive up your conversion rate. Cut Down Your CopyNobody has time to carefully read every single paragraph and scroll through dozens of webpage’s in order to find key Read More

How to Use Fonts for Conversion Rate Optimization

  • October 9 2014
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“The eye is not satisfied with seeing, nor the ear with hearing.” The Biblical adage written thousands of years ago holds true more than ever in the realm of online marketing. With an abundance of results in almost any conceivable Google search, web designers have their work cut out for them if they hope to capture the attention of users who, statistically speaking, only view about 28% of a website’s content before bouncing to another site. How it WorksTypically, conversion rate optimization focuses on the most obvious components of the websites, like headlines, content, and calls-to-action. By optimizing each of these elements, web designers assume their CRO is complete, Read More

How To Write Meta Descriptions for Maximum Clicks

  • May 8 2014
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Meta descriptions are phrases that appear under titles in search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google. They play a crucial part in driving an increased amount of user traffic to websites by encouraging high CTR (click through rate) from the result pages of search engines. Because of this, Meta descriptions must be extremely relevant to the audience you are targeting. This means making your Meta description extremely eye catching in order to receive more clicks. It is crucial that you are aware of the appropriate details to include in your Meta description as well as what format they should be in so that search engines can easily crawl them and display your website’s proper information. It Read More