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5 Ways Content Marketing Trends Will Evolve in 2017

  • December 22 2016
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As we enter a new year, it is time to revamp your content marketing strategies. The major search engines continue to change how they rank websites. This means business owners must figure out how to continue to stay on top. Your content marketing strategy should include images, targeted messages, engagement, storytelling, and videos. Implementing these strategies could help your business get off on the right foot this year. 1.  Images Speak VolumesWe always knew a picture is worth a thousand words, but they will become even more valuable in 2017. As Google and other major search engines become capable of reading images, you must include them in your content. It is no secret that readers Read More

Pros and Cons of Clickbait Marketing

  • April 18 2016
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Clickbait marketing is seen on almost every platform all over the internet including blogs. This age old method of marketing has seen a tremendous increase outside of the standard tabloid and newspaper world. With its catchy headlines and potentially viral videos and/or content, clickbait marketing can send the page views for any site soaring higher than ever before. But just like any marketing method, there are pros and cons to this marketing technique. The Pros of Clickbait Marketing One of the most obvious benefits of this marketing technique is page views. If your goal is to increase your readership, then clickbait marketing is a great way to do that. At the very least, you Read More

7 Common Content Marketing Mistakes for Beginners to Avoid

  • December 1 2015
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There are not many content marketers out there that are successful every time they implement a strategy. In fact, most have failed at one time or another. However, failures are also meant to be a learning experience, as they provide insight into what you should avoid doing in the future. You can streamline this learning experience to some capacity by knowing what others have made mistakes on so you can avoid making the same mistakes as a beginner. Here are seven of the most common content marketing mistakes that others make so you can avoid doing the same.  1.  Treating Content Marketing as SecondaryContent marketing is not something you just tack on to your other marketing efforts. Read More

Where to Start With Your Content Strategy Plan

  • October 6 2015
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Before you can initiate your content marketing strategy, you must first get down to the basics. Even if you have a slew of information readily available to start piecing together your plan, often you must slow down and first connect the dots. Here are a few things you must first do to get the basics of your content market strategy handled.  Set Your GoalsBefore you can start implementing your content marketing strategy, and even before you can begin to think about the content you want to create, you must clearly set out why you want to create the strategy in the first place. What component of your business do you wish to strengthen as a result of your content marketing? For instance, Read More

Planning Effective Content for Your Industry

  • September 29 2015
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As with anything to do with marketing, the planning role is an extremely crucial part of your industry-specific marketing efforts. Once you’ve created a sturdy content marketing strategy, the actual execution of that plan requires extensive planning to make sure that it is successful. Industry-specific content marketing can be quite a challenge, in particular for those who have many other things they need to take care of. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the planning stage of your content marketing then here are a few tips to help you plan effective content for your industry.  Narrow The Focus of Your TopicIt can be quite tempting, especially if you offer B2B services, Read More

Why You Need an Outsource Writing Service

  • September 15 2015
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If you are deciding whether to outsource your content creation as opposed to doing it all in-house, then the likely answer is that using an outsourcing content website is the answer. It is highly recommended that you use an outsourced writing service to create content that is both unique and engaging. Here are seven reasons why you should use a writing service for all of your content needs.  Saves Money On In House ExpensesPlain and simple—outsourcing your content saves money. When you outsource your content from a reputable writing service you save money by not having to give benefits to full-time employees or hire temp workers when you need projects to be completed. Additionally, Read More