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Writing Tips for Better Conversion Rates

  • January 31 2015
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Your physical website is the main source for your content marketing strategy. You shouldn’t cut any corners when it comes to your copy. It has been found that website visitors tend to exit a website within 10 to 20 seconds, and only skim through an average of 20% of each page’s content. This means that your content should be something that grabs their attention right off the bat. It must be able to inspire visitors to action and increase your website conversion rate. Here are five writing tips to follow in order to drive up your conversion rate.


Cut Down Your Copy

Nobody has time to carefully read every single paragraph and scroll through dozens of webpage’s in order to find key information, no matter how well written and well crafted they are. As said earlier, most people get bored after only a few seconds. Cut down the amount of copy you have, and ensure that all the text contained in your website is extremely concise and relevant. It has been found that there is an over 20% decrease in conversions after people increased the quantity of copy on their homepage. Make smart decisions about what information you can do without, and what information is essential.


Be Direct

You don’t have to use fancy words in order to get customers on your side. In general people want easy concise language that gets the message across, not flowery language that makes their head spin. You should also not feel bad about talking about the price of your service or product right away and encouraging people to sign up for something. Being specific and upfront will let visitors know what you’re offering them and the exact way of getting it. No need to skirt around the topic, as this can even look suspicious and as if you’re hiding something.


Use Verbs Not Adjectives

Saying your service or product is going to ‘save you $15 dollars per month’ is extremely persuasive. However, if you change the wording to saying that your product or service is “cost-effective”, the message just doesn’t get across as effectively. Keep in mind that action always speaks louder than using adjectives. For instance, say you are selling a weight loss supplement, does saying ‘it’s a diuretic’ or telling your website visitors that they’ll ‘slim down bloating’ sound more persuasive? One clearly describes what exactly the product will do to the visitor, while the other is a word that doesn’t conjure any image to mind.


Be Human

The readability of your website is crucial to its success. Avoid any obscure acronyms, hyperbole, jargon or excessive punctuations, as this will just take away from the important message you want to get across. These types of things are nothing more than annoyances, or speed bumps for your readers. It is recommended that you write as you speak in order to keep your writing conversational to a certain degree. Try using ‘we’ and ‘you’, instead of any third person in order to sound relatable and like your talking directly to the reader.


Keep On Track

Ensure that you only talk about one topic for each sentence, and one topic each paragraph. Also ensure that you are only trying to get across one message at a time. You don’t want to overwhelm the reader, as this will likely cause them to exit the page. Keeping it to one message per page will make sure that your reader doesn’t feel confused. Another way to make sure that your reader moves through your website is to avoid passive sentence, and utilize active words. Don’t be scared to use bullet points and sub-heads, as this will make your writing more scannable, and will allow readers to locate key information quickly. Utilizing bold is also a great way to make important information stick out.


By using these easy writing tips you will see your website conversion rate increase rapidly.


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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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