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The site has been designed. Your newsletter is ready for publication. The book is laid out on the presses. An idea is ready to burst forth from your eager mind, but you have one problem: you don’t have content! Plus, you don’t have time to write, edit, proofread, and publish with the kind of quality you need. In any case, one thing is clear:

It could be that you have clients banging down your door already, trying to get at the kind of quality product you’re ready to manufacture, or it could be that your business is new and untested and you need a great sales pitch, but the kind of creativity you can muster just doesn’t apply to the written word.

Regardless of the reason, hiring a writer to generate content for your business can be an amazingly simple solution to many business problems. You name the issue and the solution is there. From advertising to business plans to copywriting, hiring a freelance writer will be a load off your mind.

How Content Writers Help

Hiring a writer may sound like a daunting proposition. It’s easier than you might think. It’s easy to think of most writers as the sort of rugged, individualistic novelist-types with whom most business owners would not want to come within ten feet, but that is a largely outdated definition of what it means to be a writer in the twenty-first century.

With most writing services, it’s as simple as providing some guidelines, like a topic and general direction you want the content to go, and rough word count limits to an editor. This editor will take a look at the writing prompt, and then assign out the article to a qualified and available writer, who will produce a complete piece to be edited and delivered back to you.

There’s usually limited, if any, interaction between requestor and writer, unless you prefer interacting with the writer directly. Most writing services make it incredibly easy to do business in a quick and no-mess manner, in the time you need.

How to Hire a Writer

Qualified, able, and enthusiastic freelance writers are roaming the Internet as we speak, waiting for the opportunity to generate content to help make your business a success. For these writers, the challenge of creating content for a new opportunity presents an exciting proposition, and one that benefits both parties.

The cost of hiring a freelancer is also easier and more straightforward than most might think. While fees for freelance writing depend heavily on the complexity of what’s being written and the timelines involved, many times writers can be contracted for just a few cents per word, for straightforward articles. The fees go up from there if your content is difficult to write about, or if you have some specific content needs that are more in-depth than a standard article.

There’s also usually no concern over ownership, labeling, or copyright. Writers have standing agreements with their writing services that include transferring all rights for the piece to the business owner, you. This means that the writer does not own the copyright to the piece, and as such, doesn’t have his or her name attached to it. It’s all yours.

The advent of the Internet age has made it easier than ever for you to reach your customers, and to craft the story you want to tell in ways that mean you’re maintaining your budget, while also freeing up creativity, time, and brainpower to do what you do best: run your business.

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