Refund Policy

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Ways to Request a Refund

In order to place an order funds need to be added to your account.  Many businesses add additional funds to cover the fees of future projects.  If you add funds and then later decided you are not going to use the funds to order content you can request a refund.   Please see the details and procedures below to request a refund.


Funds Deposited

You can deposit funds at anytime.  The funds do not need to be used right away and can stay in your account for future projects.  However, at any time you decide you are not going to use all the funds within your account you may request a refund of any funds not used.  Refunds will be processed within seven days of the request.  To request a refund please contact our customer care department using the helpdesk.


Unclaimed Articles

You may request a refund on any project that is unclaimed.  Once we are able to cancel the project the funds will be transferred back into your Vorongo account.   Once an article has been claimed, this means work has begin and we are unable to provide a refund.


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