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Below is an overview of some of the policies and procedures for our writers.  If you would like to apply to be a writer please contact us.



If accepted into our writers program we have three different rates which are based on the type of content you will be producing. Most articles will fall under website content or blog posts creation and those rates are .04 per word. Press releases are compensated at a rate of $27.50 per press release and product descriptions are paid at a rate of .06 per word.


Writers Rating:

We do not utilize a star system to determine the writer’s compensation. We pre-qualify all our writers based on their abilities. All writers must meet specific writing skills in order to meet our qualifications. Not all writers will be accepted into the Vorongo writing program and if accepted may not qualify for writing in all areas.



To start with we manually verify all writers are based in the United States. You will be asked to complete a W9 and submit documentation so we can verify your identity. After this process, all new writers will be asked to submit writing examples. These writing examples should be unique and not currently published on the Internet.



Writers are paid on a weekly basis on Friday for all work approved from the previous Friday through Thursday. All payments will be issued before end of business on Friday.


Quality Control:

Our editors constantly monitor your writing to ensure our high standards are being met. From time-to-time editors may communicate with writers directly to provide feedback or resolve an issue. If a writer is not meeting quality standards the writer may jeopardize their business relationship with Vorongo.


Infraction System:

We have an infraction system that helps us monitor the performance of writers. Not all infractions are equal. Therefore, infractions are weighed by the severity of the violation. If a writer receives more than ten infraction points within a 6-month period we will then terminate our business relationship with that writer.

Missing Keywords = 1 Point

Not Following Instructions = 3 Points

Spelling Errors = 3 Points

Bad Grammar = 3 Points

Missed Deadline = 5 Points

We also reserve the right to give miscellaneous infractions for reasons not started above. Miscellaneous infractions can be any point value between 1-10 points based on the severity.



All articles are due within 72 hours of being claimed. We take deadlines very seriously and want to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers. If a writer fails to meet a deadline, the article will be placed back in the article pool and all compensation for the article will be forfeited. In addition the writer will receive an infraction based on the points in our infraction system.

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