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How to Find Duplicate Website Content

  • September 30 2014
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One of the hardest parts of creating your own website is worrying about whether or not you have duplicate content up on your site. What if you happen to say something the exact same way someone else has in the past? Or even worse, what if you put content up on your site and another site scraped it for their site, how would you know? Thankfully, there are numerous tools available to help you spot duplicate content and fix it before it causes you trouble with Google. Check CopyscapeOne of the easiest ways to check and see if your content is duplicated elsewhere is to copy and paste it into Copyscape. You need to have an account, and while this is a paid service, it only ends up costing Read More

Does Freelance Writing Income Have to be Reported?

  • September 26 2014
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When looking to make money online, people often think of potential jobs that involve too much work or marketing. However, when trying to make money with ease, it’s wise to consider work as a freelance writer. While true, one must think about taxes and take the time to report their income. Otherwise, if a writer foregoes this, he or she will struggle when it comes time to file taxes. With this in mind, income must be reported, and here are a few things to consider. 

Different work opportunities: In many ways, it’s different from the kind of jobs held by people working a typical 9-5 job. However, one significant similarity between them is that like people employed in typical settings, Read More

How Memes Can Be Useful Tools to Boost Website Traffic

  • September 24 2014
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If you regularly update your Facebook or Tumblr, you know the ability of memes to go viral. Online marketers today are using these images to generate Web traffic and even build backlinks without much effort to boost website traffic.  

When you have a product to market, using viral memes can be helpful to reach the intended target audience. Photo-editing software such as Photoshop or visiting sites such as can help you create memes that you can post on your social media account. There are other meme sites to help you understand how to create humorous memes that will not fail to capture attention. Two Things to Consider When Using Memes Now you may start to consider Read More

6 Ways to Create a Better “About Us” Page

  • September 22 2014
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Building a website can be challenging, even for professionals who have been working in this industry for many years. Because the specifications for developing a website can change significantly from time to time, everyone is striving to meet SEO requirements of major search engines like Google, Bing, Safari, Yahoo and others who determine where the site will rank. In this race to get to the top, it is important for everyone involved to make sure that they are not forgetting key areas like the about us page. The about us page is critical to the success of any site since it helps to set the overall tone for the business. Significance of About Us Page Being successful and effective Read More

7 Bad Writing Tips That Can Kill Your Creativity

  • September 18 2014
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Whether you’re pursuing a career as a fiction or non-fiction writer, having creativity is a must. Writers who are just starting out are frequently searching for guidance from those who’ve made it, but not all tips found can be considered “good advice”. So how do you separate the bad writing tips from the good? For starters, if it kills your creativity, then it’s a piece of advice that you should ignore. Below, you will find a list of the seven worst writing tips that can obliterate your artistic side. When in Doubt, Cut it OutIf you attended college, your professor may have advised this to you, and that’s because a lot of new writers are over-the-top with details and words. Read More

20 Most Embarrassing Grammatical Errors

  • September 17 2014
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Why should you care about grammar? You may think to yourself, “some of the best works and phrases contain awful grammar.” For instance, whoever wrote the line “here’s looking at you, kid” obviously wasn’t on his or her grammar game, yet almost everybody knows the line. However, chances are that your bad grammar will never become as famous as the line in “Gone with the Wind.” In fact a general rule is that if you are writing something without knowing the grammar behind it then you’ll most likely come off as looking incompetent at best. That’s exactly what happened to these people who made twenty of the worst and funniest grammar and spelling mistakes. Perhaps once you go through Read More