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5 Bad Habits to Avoid When Article Writing

  • April 30 2015
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As a content creator, you are responsible for writing articles that are both informative and easy to read and follow for your readers. This means that you must use standard grammar rules, keep your language simple and also ensure that your content is interesting for people to read. Often times, content creators rush through writing an article and as a result make errors that stick out to their readers and make them not want to continue reading. Here are five things that article writers should avoid at all costs in order to ensure that their readers remain interested in their writing.  1.  Passive VoiceActive sentences contain a subject that acts upon a direct object. For example, Read More

5 Things to Remember Before Using Street Slang in Your Writing

  • April 27 2015
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Using texting slang like LOL, BFF and LMAO may work if you are catering to a teenybopper audience, as they often want a more lax writing style, however besides this, street and texting slang should be used with caution in the writing world. This is especially the case when you’re writing for a large demographic of people as you’re your writing for the Internet. When doing so you must keep in mind that not everyone knows all of the slang out there and so understanding and clearness of your writing may suffer greatly, and your writing may end up alienating your readers. Here are some things to keep in mind when contemplating the use of slang in your writing.  1.  Steer Clear of Read More

Clever Ways to Respond to Negative Blog Comments

  • April 23 2015
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Having a comments section is a very powerful tool for content writers, as it aids them in connecting, engaging and establishing a relationship with their readers. However, although personally interacting with your readers is a great way to establish loyalty and trust, it also can leave you vulnerable to receive negative comments on your page. When this happens you must know the correct way of addressing it. Here are several different ways of interacting with readers by responding to their comments. It is up to your discretion on how to appropriately respond to them. Do Not Ignore CommentsThis is the head in the sand approach to dealing with negative comments. It is deciding that if you Read More

6 Creative Ways to Make Boring Topics More Interesting

  • April 20 2015
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We’d all like to write on fascinating subjects, however sometimes this simply isn’t possible. As a content writer you often have to stick to writing topics that can only be described as a little boring. However, your client is going to expect that you’re able to do so in the most interesting way possible. This means that you have to figure out how to make even the most boring topic sound exciting. Luckily, there are six ways in which to turn any boring topic into a fun one that readers will want to take the time to read.  1.  Become an Expert on the Topic One reason why a certain topic can be boring to read is that the writers simply doesn’t know enough in order to write Read More

6 Redundancies that Creep into Your Writing

  • April 10 2015
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There are many authors who weren’t a fan of using fluff writing in their works. Ernest Hemingway for example never used a word that was unneeded in his writing, even going as far as being able to write a story in six words. Although it can be easy to fill your content with filler or redundancy in order to attempt to write descriptively, it is best to avoid it in order to keep your writing concise. All you have to do to have a successful piece of content is to write what is familiar to your readers and choose your words carefully. Think of fluffy words as having no real value, as they really won’t add anything to your writing. Here are six types of redundancies that you should avoid at all Read More

Creating the Perfect Suspense Filled Backstory

  • April 9 2015
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Writing suspense fiction is no easy task. Successfully creating and maintaining suspense is a foolproof way to engage readers and ensure that they keep turning pages until the end of the book; however, actually creating that type of atmosphere can be a complicated process. Never fear – there are strategies that you can employ in order to make the process slightly easier. In this article, I’m going to give you some tips to consider the next time you find yourself desperately trying to add intrigue and a sense of thrill to your backstory.  Don’t Restrict Your Reader’s ViewWhen writing suspense, it’s important to remember that your reader will be far more engaged in your Read More