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How to Fix Pname Com Facebook Orca Error on Android Phone

  • November 15 2018
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Facebook has billions of users, and new users are signing up every minute. It’s the most popular social networking site there is. Not only are there individuals with accounts, over 50 million businesses have pages as well. Along with Facebook, the Facebook Messenger app is also widely popular, allowing individuals to connect off of their main pages. If you use Facebook, and its Messenger app, on your Android device, you may have noticed a message pop up on your screen that reads “pname com facebook orca has stopped working.” This is a common issue, and it’s fixable. Here’s how.


What is It?

Com Facebook orca is actually the name for your Facebook Messenger app on your Android device. It’s essentially the folder that stores all of the files, images, and videos that you cache on the app. It’s automatically created when Messenger is installed, and is located in your device’s storage. The folder is incredibly helpful if you want to retrieve deleted messages, conversation, images, and other information from Messenger.


Many Android users with the Facebook Messenger app installed on their devices are seeing an error message that reads “pname com facebook has stopped.” When this message appears, you can’t open Facebook or Messenger. It’s not malware, so there’s no reason to worry about that, but it can be annoying and it can’t be ignored. Attempting to ignore it will just result in the same message appearing again and again.


How Do You Fix the Pname Com Facebook Error?

So, you can’t ignore the error message, but can you delete the orca folder? You can, but it certainly won’t solve the issue. If you delete the folder, it’s automatically regenerated, and you’ll still get the same error message. Deleting the folder might not be the solution, but there is a way to fix it.


Start by opening the Settings option on your Android device. Go to the Application tab and select the Application Manager or All Apps option. Once here, find the Facebook and Messenger apps and clear the data. After doing this, restart both of your apps. This should fix the problem, preventing the error message from reappearing. In the event that the message continues to appear even after following these steps, you can put a stop to it by uninstalling both apps and reinstalling them onto your device.


Are There Alternatives to Use without It?

You can’t get rid of the orca folder. So, if you’d like to use a messenger app without it, but still want to maintain contact with your Facebook friends, there are plenty of alternatives to choose from. One of the most popular ones is WhatsApp with over one billion monthly users. It’s owned by Facebook, but it’s still independent. It’s free and it’s secure. You can share texts, photos, and video messages with your contacts.


If you do a lot of group chats in Messenger, you can opt to use MessageMe instead. In addition to conversations, you can share photos and videos. You can also have private conversations with individual members of your conversation groups.


Finally, another option is to use Skype. It’s more than just video calling. You can also send text and voice messages. Additionally, Skype allows you to connect to Facebook with a single click. You can send emoticons and documents to your Facebook contacts through this app free of charge.


Dealing with the pname com Facebook orca error can be incredibly irritating. Thankfully, it can be fixed. In the event that you find you’re still dealing with it, and reinstalling the apps don’t work, there are plenty of other alternatives to Messenger that can help you to stay connected with your Facebook friends without the annoying error message.

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