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15 Celebrities That Got Busted for Using Ghostwriters

  • February 27 2015
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 The idea of taking work that is not your own and assuming credit for it probably seems like a foreign idea to many people. In reality, however, this phenomenon is startlingly widespread among celebrities and takes many forms, including the composition of song lyrics, articles, cookbooks, novels, autobiographies, and even tweets. 1.   Gwyneth PaltrowKnown best for her roles in movies such as Shakespeare in Love (1998), The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999), and The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), Gwyneth Paltrow is an accomplished film and stage actress, singer, and blogger. In 2011, after spending a purported three years in production, Paltrow released her first cookbook, entitled My Father’s Read More

10 Must Have Content Creation Tools


Content creation can be a difficult task, but luckily there are many tools to help. Spanning from content curation to social media organization, the ten items described below are some of the best creation tools available. 1.  TwitterIf you are looking for inspiration to draw from or simply wondering about the latest news and possible headlines, Twitter can be an excellent place to seek information. More specifically, consider creating or following a Twitter list: lists can be incredibly helpful when it comes to content creation. A list of people surrounding a particular topic, event, or area can not only generate topic ideas, but also provide multiple points of view to consider covering. 2.  Read More

8 Different Types of Ghostwriters

  • February 19 2015
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Everyone needs to be able to communicate. It’s simply how we live our lives as humans and how society works as it has progressed over thousands of years. The ability to write, as well as interpret information is a very necessary skill to have, especially when it comes to communicating across different platforms. In the world of blogs, comments and text messages, it is absolutely essential that we know how to convey ideas properly. Especially as these types of modern technologies have made the written word incredibly accessible and ever changing, which has, in turn, made ghostwriting a very widely used and common resource for efficient and fast content creation. Ghostwriters are very versatile Read More

5 Tips to Remain Ethical as a Freelance Ghostwriter

  • February 16 2015
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Navigating through the shaky ground of ghostwriting may be a tricky issue for freelance writers, however there are a few ways you can ensure that you remain on ethical ground when pursuing a ghostwriting job. Ghostwriting can be a great opportunity for writers, especially when just starting off in the field of freelancing, and so knowing how to do so ethically is important. Here are several guidelines to follow to ensure that you remain ethical while ghostwriting. Know What Ghostwriting is All AboutGhostwriting is becoming an increasingly popular practice within the publishing industry. If you’ve ever read a bestselling book from an athlete, politician or actor then there’s a high Read More

7 Skill Sets You Want for Your Ghostwriting Service

  • February 13 2015
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There are certain skills that you must depend on when working virtually. This is especially the case for ghostwriting services. No matter the research and writing tasks that your ghostwriting service provides, there are seven essential qualities that it should possess. Here are several skill sets that your ghostwriting should have in order to be successful. 1.  TimelinessIn the ghostwriting business, meeting deadlines is as important as submitting a good piece of writing. It doesn’t make a difference how great your writing is if it isn’t ready to be published on time. Meeting deadlines reflects directly on your ghostwriting service’s professionalism, as well as is a sign of respect Read More

The Importance of Great Blog Content for Your Affiliate Site

  • February 11 2015
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Affiliate programs are essentially arrangements where an online merchant website will pay another website commission for sending user traffic their way. These affiliate websites will post links throughout their webpages to the merchant site and then are paid according to an agreement, which is typically based on the amount of people that the affiliate site sends to the merchant’s or the number of people who purchase a service or item or perform some other type of action. If you hope to build an affiliate site that is successful there is one key ingredient that you should utilize—blogging. Although making an income from an affiliate site might seem like a piece of cake to you, this is actually Read More