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How to Improve Online Reputation Management

  • October 17 2018
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Starting up a business is an exciting time. It can also be quite challenging. Building a great brand can take months, and it can quickly be destroyed in less than a day based on one negative post or review. The internet and online marketing are dominating the economy and consumers are becoming savvier. Rather than putting their trust in an advertisement, they are relying more on customer reviews before they buy. At the same time, how your business is viewed is based heavily on your online reputation. In the wake of a negative review, another potential customer’s decision to purchase from you may be affected. As a result, being cognizant about your online presence is crucial. Here are a few Read More

5 Ways to Boost Mobile Traffic to Your Website

  • August 22 2016
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The statistics say it all, almost 70% of adults have a smartphone. That statistic alone should make any business, large or small, want to figure out a way to make their website mobile friendly to help boost their traffic. If you ignore the possibilities that mobile traffic can bring to your business, you could be missing out on a large piece of the pie. So how do you make your site mobile friendly and likely to convert viewers into customers? Here are five tips.   1.  Content is Still King Believe it or not, content is still the main driving factor on your website, including mobile sites. With consumers spending less than 3 seconds on any given website, you have a very short amount of time Read More

5 Simple Tips and Tricks to Attract Advertisers to Your Website

  • March 8 2016
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If you are looking for a way to add revenue to your business, then accepting ads from other companies to showoff their products on your website can be an excellent option. Why shouldn’t you make some extra money on the side? However, making money from advertisements is easier said than done. To make your website or blog attractive to businesses who want ad space, you need to have an excellent niche market, a steady stream of traffic, and good ad placement on your site. Let’s take a look at five simple tricks and tips to attract advertisers to your website so you can start making revenue.   1.  Get Advertisers Involved in Your Website An excellent way to snag advertisers is to offer Read More

11 Tedious Task Every Small Businesses Should Outsource

  • September 22 2015
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    Although you may think that you can do every task required to run your business, the truth is it often is more beneficial to delegate some tasks to others to help lighten your load, and save you money. Trying to get everything done yourself is just a recipe for disaster. Instead, by outsourcing certain tasks that you do not need to complete yourself, you can concentrate on the most important aspects of running a business. Here is a list of eleven tedious tasks that you should outsource.   1.   Video Editing Video editing is a hard process if you do not have the adequate training, which is why it is highly recommended that you outsource your video editing. In fact, video Read More