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6 Simple Ways Project Managers Can Improve Their Writing Skills


You have walked past the phase of your professional life where you were just another resource getting burdened with mere job responsibilities. Now that you are a project manager, you have a number of potential projects to manage. You have to schedule different meetings, keep an eye on your team members, regulate the operational process, and compose emails, proposals, and business agreements.


You may be great with your management skills but as you ponder on your content, you feel how terrible you sound. Though it’s part of your living, yet you fail to compose impressive emails or proposal having an authoritative business voice and tone. You want to write good but you lack proper direction and guidance. So, here is what you need- 6 comprehensive ways to practice impressive business writing.


1. Make Drafts

This is one of the most effective technique, to save yourself from facing failures. You can compose drafts to plan out what you have to write. Whether it’s about just a single-line email or a lengthy business proposal, be sure about it before sending it to the concerned authority.


To kick-start your writing practice, you have to gear up with the right set of techniques in which creating drafts is surely the most productive one. You must know to whom you are referring the content, why you are doing it and what benefits it will generate.


You need to have a proper understanding of the core purpose of your content before you make your first move. By getting buried under the workload and competitive pressure, you might lose track to reach out to your goals. Therefore, it’s best to give individual attention to each task for extracting most out of it.


2. Formatting

In business writing, a writer has to follow a specific set of guidance when formatting the content. Usually in general content, the summary is added at the end of the content; however, in corporate writing, you are supposed to add the main purpose at the top.


You must answer the question as to why you are writing it, who you are along with the reference to your identity. Once you are through the intro, you can proceed with explaining the individual section of the content. Be sure to add appropriate information in each paragraph.


3. Stop Using Unnecessary Phrases

One of the most prominent traits of corporate content is that it is precisely written using a highly effective professional tone. Your selection of words and arrangement in sentence structure should demonstrate a sophisticated flair.


You must avoid using too many jargons or unwanted vocabulary. Words like “very”, “in order to”, and “in the way of” are simply phrases that increase the number of words not the richness in a sentence. You must be able to tighten up your structures by avoiding using mere phrases to fill the spaces.


4. Keep it Valuable

Creating content with precise and valuable information must be the foremost aim of every marketer. You must have the amount of information that the audience requires. If it’s a project proposal, you must have the expertise to compose a highly informative piece of content. Your business proposal should be equipped with a bold and commanding voice thereby leaving a lasting impression upon your customer.


5. Professional Books to Seek Guidance From

You must have heard that books are the best mate of a person. Well, no matter how deadlock your routine is, it’s important to find time out to read professional books to seek guidance. You can read out “HBR Guide to Better Business Writing” by Bryan A. Garner, “The Elements of Style” by William Strunk, Jr. and E.B. White, “On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Nonfiction” by William Zinsser or “Everybody Writes: Your Go-To Guide to Creating Ridiculously Good Content” by Ann Handley. These books are power packed with intelligent and productive advice.


Proofread Your Content

As much as appropriateness matters, proofreading content is imperative as well. When you work in a corporate world having badges of attributes and recognition on your shoulder, you have to make sure that your emails are perfect, error-free and sound professional.


Proofing your content holds immense importance. You get to know about all of your writing flaws and if you have missed out any important term while being indulged in writing. Even the professionals make mistakes so it’s not wrong to be unsure about your work. You can use a number of checking tools or even plan to get in touch with a ghostwriter for hire.


One of the most renowned checking tools- Grammarly is preferred and recommended by many expert writers and marketers. The tool fixes every little issue instantly and makes your document free from all writing flaws.


Wrap Up

To be a learner is better than getting failed and trapped in your own fiascos. You must ponder on polishing your writing skills to be able to communicate your plans and thoughts effortlessly.

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