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6 Simple Ways Project Managers Can Improve Their Writing Skills


You have walked past the phase of your professional life where you were just another resource getting burdened with mere job responsibilities. Now that you are a project manager, you have a number of potential projects to manage. You have to schedule different meetings, keep an eye on your team members, regulate the operational process, and compose emails, proposals, and business agreements. You may be great with your management skills but as you ponder on your content, you feel how terrible you sound. Though it’s part of your living, yet you fail to compose impressive emails or proposal having an authoritative business voice and tone. You want to write good but you lack proper direction Read More

5 Free Online Plagiarism Detection Tools

  • December 15 2015
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Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone’s words and even ideas and using them as your own. It is a growing concern for content marketing and creation businesses and bloggers who often outsource their content needs to freelance writers. In the digital age that we are in, it is as simple as someone using copy and paste to plagiarize an article or blog post. However, the good news is that there are plenty of free online tools that you can use to check for plagiarism and ensure that content is 100 percent unique. Here is a look at five useful and free plagiarism-checking tools. 1.  DupliCheckerThis online tool is 100 percent free and has the bonus of being incredibly easy to use. You Read More

15 Best Practices for Writing for the Web


   Reading something online is much different from reading it in print. For instance, the screen often causes concentration issues, especially if there are bright images, flashing banners, and other distractions on the web page. The Internet contains millions upon millions of web pages with more content than anyone could ever read in their lifetime. With that much information readily available, most people resort to skimming to locate the pages that they find appealing while ignoring the rest. Due to this, it is essential that you ensure that your posts and pages are easy to read and engaging. This means that they are typo-free and written using the best web copy practices. Read More

5 Tips for Writing Irresistible Product Descriptions

  • August 4 2015
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Product descriptions seem simple enough to write – you just give the product information and the product then sells itself, right? Unfortunately, there is an incredible amount of competition on the Internet that makes it impossible to sell a product on basic facts alone. Instead, you need to write a compelling description that gets the consumer on the line, bringing them in for the sale without ever communicating with you. Your words need to be enticing like an advertisement, while letting consumers know how their life will change by purchasing this product. 1.  Get the Reader to Visualize the ProductYour product description should include more than just the facts about the product. Read More

Tips for Creating a Kick Ass Press Release

  • July 21 2015
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A perfectly crafted press release can have multiple functions – it can raise awareness of a product or service or other newsworthy information as well as entice journalists to want to write more about it in their own area of expertise. If enough interest is piqued, your press release will garner the attention you desire and be shared in newspapers, magazines, and online forums. The key is what you put in your press release that will make the difference between a dud and one that performs the way you desire.  Grab Attention FastThe one thing that can make or break a press release is its headline. You need to craft it in a way that it makes people want to grab it and read it. Mediocre Read More

Tips for Writing Awesome Conclusions

  • March 20 2015
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As you write an article or blog post, you have a lot to consider. First, you need to hook your reader with a spectacular introduction because without that first “wow” statement, many readers will simply move on to another article. Once you have them hooked, you need to back up what you say throughout the body. But, your job is not done there; you still need to leave them with a powerful feeling at the end, which is where your conclusion comes into play. If you just stop dead in your tracks after the body or repeat what was already said throughout the article or blog post, your impact gets lost in translation. Instead, make your conclusion powerful, thought provoking, and action minded.  Avoid Read More