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8 Tips to get the Best Possible Content from Outsourced Writers

  • December 29 2015
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 Writing is a fundamental skill that almost everybody possesses, but not everybody is great at it. As a website owner, if you do not feel comfortable writing your own content, or simply don’t have the time to, then you always have the option of outsourcing your writing needs. However, outsourcing your content comes at the risk of not being provided with top-notch quality, as you are handing the keys to your writing needs to another company. The good news, however, is that there are a few ways to ensure that you receive the best content when outsourcing your content. Let’s take a look. 1.  Get to Know the Platform You Are UsingIf you’ve outsourced your content needs before Read More

5 Free Online Plagiarism Detection Tools

  • December 15 2015
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Plagiarism is the act of stealing someone’s words and even ideas and using them as your own. It is a growing concern for content marketing and creation businesses and bloggers who often outsource their content needs to freelance writers. In the digital age that we are in, it is as simple as someone using copy and paste to plagiarize an article or blog post. However, the good news is that there are plenty of free online tools that you can use to check for plagiarism and ensure that content is 100 percent unique. Here is a look at five useful and free plagiarism-checking tools. 1.  DupliCheckerThis online tool is 100 percent free and has the bonus of being incredibly easy to use. You Read More

How to Handle Online Content Theft

  • December 8 2015
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Did you know that each month Google is asked to take down 30 million search results due to being alleged infringed material? That is a whole lot of content theft. As a writer, blogger, or content creator, it is very common to experience someone republishing or reposting your content without asking permission. However, if you find yourself in this situation or if you want to avoid the chance of this occurring there are a few things you can do to protect your content from being stolen online, as well as get your content taken down in the case that it has already been stolen. Here are a few methods of handling content theft, as well as preventative measures that you should take to avoid it from Read More

7 Common Content Marketing Mistakes for Beginners to Avoid

  • December 1 2015
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There are not many content marketers out there that are successful every time they implement a strategy. In fact, most have failed at one time or another. However, failures are also meant to be a learning experience, as they provide insight into what you should avoid doing in the future. You can streamline this learning experience to some capacity by knowing what others have made mistakes on so you can avoid making the same mistakes as a beginner. Here are seven of the most common content marketing mistakes that others make so you can avoid doing the same.  1.  Treating Content Marketing as SecondaryContent marketing is not something you just tack on to your other marketing efforts. Read More