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How an Effective FAQ Page Can Add Value to Your Website


Placing a well thought out FAQ page is an extremely powerful tool. On top of aiding in demonstrating your expertise, it also can substantially boost your conversion rate, and keep your client base satisfied. It can even help increase your search engine ranking. However, quickly adding an FAQ page filled with random information about your business will not help your objectives. Instead, you must create a carefully planned out page that works to answer any questions your clients might have. Here are a few ways that an FAQ page can propel your business forward.


Establish Yourself as an Expert

A FAQ page is an excellent way to showcase your talents and expertise in your industry. Clients would rather work with someone they know is a professional, and so the added value of an FAQ page will increase your conversion rate. Although potential customers tend to distrust an online business that they have not used or bought anything from before, a solid FAQ page can ensure that your website comes off as legitimate. To establish yourself as an expert in your field, ensure that all the information listed on your FAQ page is up to date and fully accurate.


Save Money and Time

Adding this small, simple page to your website can save you a substantial amount of both money and time. When you create a FAQ page that is both well written and organized, visitors to your website can look at pertinent information right on the site. This makes it, so they are much less likely to pester you with time-consuming emails and phone calls, which in turn allows you to focus on more important things like running your business. Moreover, as every savvy businessperson knows—time is money.


Up Your SEO

FAQ pages can significantly help your website rank on search engines like Google. This is because search engines scan through a website for pertinent key phrases to understand what your site and business are all about. When you are creating your questions and answers, try inputting phrases and keywords that have to do with your business so that it helps your website rank when people make relevant searches to your site. The higher your rank on search engines the more visitors will check you out, and the more visitors that visit your website, the more conversions you’ll receive.


Allows Your Customers to Easily Navigate Your Website

Ensure that your FAQ page has easy navigation so that visitors can quickly find what they are searching for. Take the time to think about which questions will actually be the most help to your customers and not just the ones you think will be. Ensure that the answers to your FAQ page are written in simple laymen’s terms so that future clients will quickly understand what your website is all about. This means avoiding jargon, technical words, and unnecessary details. You should also ensure that someone who does not want to read all the way through the FAQ page can skim it quickly. A good way to do this is to input a list of all the questions that the FAQ answers and link each question to its response using either an anchor text or a clickable question.


Increase Your Sales

An excellent FAQ page will help you increase your conversion rate, which is the percentage of people who look on your site that actually do what it is you want them to do. Once you’ve established yourself as a trustworthy source, visitors are much more likely to purchase something on your website. One great way to increase your conversion rate is to make it simple for visitors to take action quickly right from the FAQ page. You can do this by linking every answer back to your home page, online store, or contact page. When you are creating your FAQ, keep in mind that you want your visitors to go beyond it.


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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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