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6 Free WordPress Plugins That Will Add Cool Features to Your Website

  • February 23 2016
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If you are on the prowl for some of the coolest WordPress plugins of 2016 to give your website a unique feel, then look no further. WordPress is an extremely customizable platform that allows you to create any website that you desire. By using some of these cool plugins on your WordPress site, you can not only make your life easier by increasing the efficiency and functionality of it, but you will also create a better user experience for your visitors so that they come back for more. Let’s take a look at the six free WordPress plugin that will add cool features to your website. 1.  Floating Social BarThe majority of social media plugins weigh down your WordPress website, as they tend Read More

7 Important Takeaways in Local SEO

  • February 8 2016
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Local SEO is something most business owners have heard of by now. With the rising usage of smartphones, local SEO has become a key player in assuring your business gets noticed. Google is placing more emphasis on this than ever before. This guide will show you the 7 most important takeaways in local SEO. 1.  Accuracy and Consistency in Online ListingsAway from your site you have the holy trinity of local SEO, known as NAP. This stands for Name Address Phone Number. These are the basic pieces of information Google needs for local SEO purposes. Yet while businesses know it’s important they don’t update their listings when they change. It’s time-consuming to update online listings, Read More