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5 Common Verb Mistakes to Avoid

  • May 25 2015
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You might think of grammar as an annoyance, and that putting in the effort to ensure that your verb tenses are correct isn’t worth it. However, one study done by the Society for Human Resources and Management found that 45% of all employers seek to increase their training on grammar and other such language skills.  How you word something is just as important as what you are saying, and so it’s crucial that you avoid easy verb mistakes to ensure that your writing is fluid and correct. Here are five of the most common verb mistakes.  1.  Lay vs. LieMany people incorrectly assume that the correct thing to say is “I’m going to lay down.” However, this is not correct as “lay” Read More

Producing Creative Content That is Hard to Replicate

  • May 18 2015
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As a content creator it’s not enough to be unique on the Internet, as there are over 3.3 billion indexed pages and counting. Instead, you must be able to write content that is hard to replicate. There are several ways that you can ensure that your writing has not been replicated anywhere on the Internet, and that readers will head to your page to read the content that you wrote and not someone else’s.  Get an Expert OpinionIn order to jazz up your content try to add some expert advice other than your own. It’s important that you find someone who is actually knowledgeable on the topic that you are writing about rather than just someone who has a passing or casual interest. Read More

5 Weak Words that Contribute Nothing to Your Content

  • May 11 2015
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It can be all too easy to put meaningless words and fillers into your writing without even realizing it, however this can have a negative impact on your content. Weak words can creep into your writing at any point, and when they’re present they can do a lot to sabotage the power of your writing. Here are five of the worst words to put into your content, as they contribute nothing to it.  ReallyFor example, “The athlete really preformed well.” The reason as to why you should avoid this word is because ‘really’ is only used as a crutch, as it is meant to emphasize something, however completely fails to do so. ‘Really’ doesn’t demonstrate anything important to your Read More