5 Powerful Conversion Rate Hacks


Online marketing needs to be maximized to leverage its possibilities thoroughly. It may be simple to bring visitors to your website, however, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to conversion rates. As a business owner, you are always running against the clock and have a thousand other things to focus on; however improving your conversion rates is a must if you wish to grow your business. Luckily, there are some simple but very powerful hacks you can utilize to skyrocket your conversion rate without too much effort.


1.  Design With Website Conversions in Mind 

Your website’s design determines how your content is displayed and doing it correctly will reduce your bounce rate and increase your page views. By improving the effectiveness of your website, you can convert visitors. Keep in mind that 9 in 10 Smartphone users use their device for some financial activity and 50% use their phone’s to shop online. A website should be as comfortable to use as it is to walk into a store and purchase an item. Your mission when creating a website is to blur the lines between reality and technology, which will make it easier for visitors to convert. One way to achieve this is to lower the number of steps it takes to complete an action.


2.  Use Social Networking to Build Trust

Your goal is to make it easy for customers to share your website with their social circle via emails or social networks by utilizing simple share icons on your site. With 74% of adults using social networking sites in the US, it is essential to leverage social networking platforms. To do this, you can use social networking logins to let users easily sign up and sign into your app, website or service using their social accounts. You can also reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment by using social checkout to simplify the process.


3.  Engage  With Compelling and Relevant Content

To position yourself and your website for success you need to post content that directly speaks to your costumers. Additionally, you should post content that addresses any potential objections your clients will have to convert. Compelling content should be a huge part of your marketing strategy. Utilize your content to sell intriguing stories of how customers have benefited from using your product or service. A simple means of doing this is to create a blog that you maintain on a regular basis.


4.  Use A/B Testing

A/B testing is also called split testing and is done by comparing two similar options on your website. By testing between two choices, you can figure out which one produces better conversion rates. For instance, by testing two locations for a call to action message you can find which one has the better rates. You will analyze the number of click-through you obtain on each location. Based on the data discovered, you can make a decision by determining which one causes more conversions.


5.  Put a Video on Your Landing Page

Using a video on your homepage is one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate. It engages visitors and increases the time they stay on your website. It also allows the message of your brand to sink in. Keep in mind that people spend an average of 45 minutes more on digital media than they do watching television. Videos are extremely shareable and searchable, especially if they manage to become viral. They increase the chance that websites rank on the first page of Google. One study found that 64% of website visitors are more likely to go out and purchase an item from an online retail store once they’ve watched a video. One example of a video you can put on your landing page is creating a tutorial to demonstrate how a service or product is valuable. Another video you can create is one of customer testimonials that increase your brands trustworthiness.




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