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Blogging Etiquette for the Freelance Writer

  • November 28 2014
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Starting a blog is a great way to create a presence and authority as a freelance writer, but when it’s done in the wrong way, it can crash and burn your blog before it even takes off. If you think you’re ready to hit the ground running with your upcoming blog, it’s a good idea to check yourself first. There is a code that bloggers should abide by, maintaining proper etiquette across the board of blogs. The following tips will help ensure that you take the right steps at the beginning and along the way, so that your blog is considered professional and worthy of reading. Write Content that is Suitable for Your ReadersHave you ever gone to a blog that had irrelevant posts? Likely, Read More

How to Recognize Common Freelance Writing Job Scams

  • November 25 2014
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As a writer you may have a love hate relationship with the freelance jobs you find online. You probably love finding legitimate work online, however hate running into jobs that are actually scams. Although you can’t guarantee that you won’t run into a scam while searching for a job online, there are definite ways of avoiding it. As a writer who is trying to break into the world of freelance writing, chances are you’ve come across some very questionable job advertisements online. In some instances you can immediately tell that an ad is a scam simply because it sounds way too good to be true, however other times scams might not be so easy to detect. Luckily there are a few ways to easily Read More

Putting a More Human Touch on Your Content

  • November 20 2014
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Have you ever read content that is so boring and out of touch that you have no interest in reading further? You probably have since this is quite common. However, in order to interest readers you want the exact opposite in your writing. Content should be engaging and interesting to read in order to keep your readers captivated and wanting to read on. In order to do this you must make a personal connection with your readers by adding a human touch to your writing that allows readers to relate to what you have to say. Here are a few tips in order to create content that will reel your readers in. Get PersonalOne of the best ways to engage your readers is to tell a personal story in your Read More

  • November 17 2014
  • Comments Off on 5 Things Bloggers Need to Know about Google Hummingbird

It’s a well-known fact that Google makes major changes to its algorithms every so often, sometimes they are good for your Web site and some may not be so great. The good news is that a lot of the changes that Google makes go unnoticed most of the time, and as long as you are providing content that is great for the user, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Google makes between 500 and 600 algorithm changes per year – some are just updates, minor changes and data refreshes. As mentioned, these practically go unnoticed, but there are some that can overturn your search rankings and slow down your incoming traffic, like Panda and Penguin did. In the fall of 2013, Google Hummingbird surfaced,

6 Hacks for Writing Simple Marketing Copies

  • November 14 2014
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Writing simple marketing copy means knowing how to sell with your words, and using techniques, tricks and the proper formulas in order to sell your products or services. How do you write simple marketing copy that will captivate your target market’s attention? By mastering these simple techniques in order to turn doubters into purchasers. Grab Attention With One IdeaYour headline is the very first thing your website’s visitors will see on a landing page. A great headline will focus on one main idea, which is usually your product or service’s most important and significant benefit. When you are creating a big headline for your marketing copy think about the main message that you Read More

7 of the Biggest Article Writing Mistakes SEO Agencies Make

  • November 13 2014
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Offering search engine optimization services to clients can be a highly profitable business, especially with everyone moving their companies to the digital world. However, there are common mistakes that can be easily prevented, but oftentimes are not, causing SEO agencies to lose clients. As with any Internet company, SEO agencies need to maintain a good reputation for its services, which is why it should avoid the following 7 biggest mistakes that are made when writing content. 1. Creating Content that Isn’t Link-WorthySearch engines have changed the way they rank Web sites and now require a more human touch to the content that’s posted. With authority rankings now in play, people Read More