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How Content Can Help Build Links

  • August 29 2014
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You can think of links as the pathways between WebPages. By using complicated link analysis processes, search engines are able to discover the ways that different webpages are related to one another. Although links aren’t the be all and end all of SEO, it is definitely a large component in search engines’ algorithms. By using links, search engines not only can determine a website’s popularity, but they can also see a slew of other metrics such as authority, spam and trust. If a site is trustworthy then they tend to get linked to other websites that are trustworthy as well, on the other hand websites that contain a lot of spam often are linked to very few trusted sources. As important as Read More

6 Tips For Writing Content That Doesn’t Suck

  • August 26 2014
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Every content writer wants to create extremely insightful and useful material. However, this is sometimes easier said than done. This is especially the case when you want to create a large amount of content every day. You may find yourself writing posts that are down right crappy just to get a lot of content on your website, but this isn’t the answer. No one wants to read something that is badly written. Luckily, there are a few easy habits you can implement into your writing in order to produce well written content in a small amount of time. Here are six tips to writing content that doesn’t suck. Look At Other Sources For IdeasNothing will waste your time more than sitting down Read More

7 Motivation Tips For Freelance Writers

  • August 25 2014
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Being a freelance writer has many perks and drawbacks. For instance, you can set your own hours and work in the comfort of your own home. However, being self-employed means that you have to remain motivated in order to find success. Here are seven motivation tips to stay on top of your game as a freelance writer. Create To-Do Lists Each DayCreating a to-do list is no ones idea of a good time. However, it can be an extremely effective way to stay motivated as a freelance writer. Try to get in the habit of writing down between two to five things that you want to accomplish the next day. These things should be very achievable and relatively small such as “email a potential client” or Read More

25 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Write Better Content


It isn’t an easy job to be a content writer due to the fact that you must maintain your creativity at all times, and be willing to take on any new challenges that come your way. This requires that you stay on top of your writing game and are able to learn quickly. One way to keep your creative juices flowing in order to write great content is to read a few inspirational quotes that will motivate you to create some of the best content on the web. Content marketing companies expect only the highest quality of work in this day and age and it is no longer just about putting in keywords or “buzzwords” into your content, but about grabbing the reader’s attention and writing quality Read More

11 Tips for Finding a Writer to Create Share Worthy Content

  • August 22 2014
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When it comes to business, the competition is fierce. Not only do you have to stick out from everyone else, but you also must find ways to stay relevant and new in order to stay above the competition. How is this done? One way is to create great content. The goal is to create the type of copy that will make your readers want to share it with their friends. Here are eleven tips to create share worthy content. Discover Your Persona When you are talking to someone person to person, it is much easier to leave an impression on him or her and have a memorable personality, however when you’re online it’s much harder to do. You have many decisions that need to be made, such as are you going Read More

How a Professional Writing Service Can Help Boost Website Traffic

  • August 20 2014
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Are you thinking about turning to a professional writing service in order to increase the value of your website’s content, drive sales, and increase website traffic? If this is the case then you’re not the only one. In fact, one survey found that 65% of content marketers say producing enough content is the biggest challenge that they face in capturing their audience. Producing high-quality and fresh content is indeed a challenge, and so hiring a professional writing service can be of great benefit to you in order to not only improve your search engine rankings but also satisfy your audience with well written and timely content. By having experienced copywriters create content for you, you Read More