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5 Easy to Understand Ways to Improve Your Readability Score

  • September 22 2016
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The readability score of your blog posts matters to your readers, as well as to Google and the other major search engines. This score measures how easy it is to read your content. The most common scale the search engines use to rank your content is the Flesch-Kincaid score. You will see it called the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Ease in your word processing program. The target score is between 60-70 for the chance at higher rankings.   1.  Keep it Short   Rambling in the same sentence or paragraph turns readers off. Instead, get to the point right away. Paragraphs should not exceed 4-5 sentences and sentences should be a maximum of 25 words. Once you write content, go back and read it to Read More

5 Ways to Boost Mobile Traffic to Your Website

  • August 22 2016
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The statistics say it all, almost 70% of adults have a smartphone. That statistic alone should make any business, large or small, want to figure out a way to make their website mobile friendly to help boost their traffic. If you ignore the possibilities that mobile traffic can bring to your business, you could be missing out on a large piece of the pie. So how do you make your site mobile friendly and likely to convert viewers into customers? Here are five tips.   1.  Content is Still King Believe it or not, content is still the main driving factor on your website, including mobile sites. With consumers spending less than 3 seconds on any given website, you have a very short amount of time Read More

Will Google AMP Help or Hurt SEO Strategy?

  • July 21 2016
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Google’s latest strategy believe it or not, is not a new algorithm as we have all gotten used to adjusting to lately, right after figuring out the old algorithm. Instead, it is something that will benefit most businesses, at least those businesses that want to be successful in the mobile world. AMP stands for accelerated mobile pages and as its name suggests, it helps pages load faster on mobile devices. This is a huge deal for most businesses as a majority of consumers use their mobile devices to conduct business or to preview a business they are about to visit before stepping foot in its doors. With faster loading pages, you have fewer frustrated consumers and possibly more real customers Read More

Are You Using the 4-E Rule of Social Media Engagement?

  • June 21 2016
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Social media is taking the world by storm, but it takes plenty of knowledge and planning in order to make it a successful part of your marketing campaign. It is not enough to throw posts out there on your social media pages and hope that your target audience reacts in a positive way. Instead, you need to use the 4-E rule of social media engagement: Educate, Engage, Excitement, and Experience in order to get your audience talking, learning, and experiencing your products and/or services, prompting them to share the knowledge they have with others in their social media circles.   Educate You need to show that you are the expert in the industry; otherwise, your target audience will go elsewhere. Read More

5 Social Media Automation Errors that will Annoy your Followers

  • May 19 2016
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If you’ve entirely or even mostly automated your social media strategy, then your website or business is missing the point of social media strategies altogether. After all, social media is about conversation not broadcasting a pre-determined message. In fact, many people argue that it’s better to be ignored entirely by a social media account rather than receive an automated reply. Here are five social media automation errors that will annoy your followers.   1.  Automating a Direct Message to New Followers When a person follows your account on Twitter, it is in no way an agreement that it’s okay for you to send them a direct message. Twitter is not an easy email list to get your message Read More

Pros and Cons of Clickbait Marketing

  • April 18 2016
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Clickbait marketing is seen on almost every platform all over the internet including blogs. This age old method of marketing has seen a tremendous increase outside of the standard tabloid and newspaper world. With its catchy headlines and potentially viral videos and/or content, clickbait marketing can send the page views for any site soaring higher than ever before. But just like any marketing method, there are pros and cons to this marketing technique.   The Pros of Clickbait Marketing   One of the most obvious benefits of this marketing technique is page views. If your goal is to increase your readership, then clickbait marketing is a great way to do that. At the very least, you Read More