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5 Ways Content Marketing Trends Will Evolve in 2017

  • December 22 2016
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As we enter a new year, it is time to revamp your content marketing strategies. The major search engines continue to change how they rank websites. This means business owners must figure out how to continue to stay on top. Your content marketing strategy should include images, targeted messages, engagement, storytelling, and videos. Implementing these strategies could help your business get off on the right foot this year.


1.  Images Speak Volumes

We always knew a picture is worth a thousand words, but they will become even more valuable in 2017. As Google and other major search engines become capable of reading images, you must include them in your content. It is no secret that readers skim but will pay close attention to pictures. Now you will have to not only write content worth reading, but include enticing pictures to obtain a top ranking. If you have ever seen a “viral” picture or video, you know how important this is to your company’s success. This doesn’t mean you should ignore what you write though; you still need to engage those who do read.


2.  Targeted Messages Gain the Right Audience

Let’s face it; there are enough generic messages out there. People can only read the same message so many times, no matter how many different people write them. This means you have to get more in-depth and targeted with your messages. Find your niche and dig deep when writing about it. This is how you will garner the attention of those interested in your company/products. Sticking with a generic message may give you a larger audience, but you will likely lose them down the road.


3.  Engagement Keeps Subscribers

It is not enough to write compelling content and move on to the next piece. When you get readers, you need to engage them. This means you need to interact with them and give them a reason to subscribe to your future pieces. This way you gain a larger audience and give them a reason to keep following you. Just throwing content out there with optimized keywords in 2017 might not give you the same results it did in previous years.


4.  Tell a Story with Your Content

Readers love stories, especially when they give insight to their favorite companies. Create a story line and use it to brand your company. As you create your story, make your readers feel as if they are inside your company. Let them see and feel the benefits of your products and what goes on behind the scenes of your company. The closer they feel to your company, the more likely they are to become a loyal customer. Use this as a chance to give your company a face and personality; readers love this type of engagement.


5.  Videos are Here to Stay

Videos were a thing in 2016 and they are here to stay in 2017. Given the fact that Google owns YouTube, it is not surprising that videos bring a website’s ranking higher than any other tactic. You have to use video marketing tactfully, though. Creating the perfect balance between videos and written content is the key to a successful campaign. The advantage to video marketing is the ability to use it on various social media platforms, such as Facebook and the latest craze, Snapchat.


Implementing one or several of these tactics will help your company soar to the top with the New Year. Overlooking the need to revamp your content marketing strategies could leave you lagging behind your competitors. Determining what you need to change and how it can enhance your business will help you stay in the running for top rankings with the major search engines as well.

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Jennifer Hamilton

Jennifer Hamilton is the Editorial Manager at Vorongo. She has a passion for social media marketing and creative content. When not traveling, Jennifer loves reading, going to the beach and playing with her pets.

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