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How to Write an Awesome Cover Letter

  • February 17 2014
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A cover letter is your introduction to a company and is what will compel them to move forward to your resume. This is your chance to boast about yourself, your accomplishments and what you bring to the table. Keep in mind that employers do not like to read long texts, so keep it simple and brief. Personal Information At the top left are of the page, your personal information should be formatted in proper order. The top line will be your first and last name. The next line should be your physical address, including apartment number if it applies. Following that should be the city, state and zip code. Contact information is next with the phone number being right under the city/state and an email Read More

5 Common Mistakes When Ghostwriting

  • February 15 2014
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When people first start out writing, there are some common mistakes that almost everyone makes. The more research you do before you begin writing, the better off your writing will be from the start, and the more your writing will likely engage your readers. If you have been considering doing any type of ghostwriting, make sure to keep these common mistakes in mind. Knowing what to look for is half the battle when learning to avoid these blunders. 1. Being Repetitive and Redundant Yes, that title was meant to point out the first common mistake. Using the same words over and over again or explaining the same idea from multiple viewpoints can cause readers to basically roll their eyes and go elsewhere. Read More

Where to Find Topics to Write About

  • February 15 2014
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As a writer it is often difficult to come up with topics that are unique to write about. There are thousands of articles published on the Internet and in newspapers everyday around the world. Keeping information fresh, especially with repeated trends, requires writers to do some research before they write. Articles that sound similar are found on the Internet every day, it is the job of a writer to bring a new angle to content that is covered by hundreds of writers already. Current Events Writing on current events is a way for writers to stay fresh. As a writer, wording a basic news story into something with more perspective is a fun way to approach the topic. Comparing the event to a similar Read More