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5 Ways to Boost Mobile Traffic to Your Website

  • August 22 2016
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The statistics say it all, almost 70% of adults have a smartphone. That statistic alone should make any business, large or small, want to figure out a way to make their website mobile friendly to help boost their traffic. If you ignore the possibilities that mobile traffic can bring to your business, you could be missing out on a large piece of the pie. So how do you make your site mobile friendly and likely to convert viewers into customers? Here are five tips.


1.  Content is Still King

Believe it or not, content is still the main driving factor on your website, including mobile sites. With consumers spending less than 3 seconds on any given website, you have a very short amount of time to capture their attention. This is even more important when you are talking about mobile sites as mobile means on-the-go. People these days are pressed for time and want the information they need now. This means cutting to the chase and being engaging all at the same time.


2.  Choose the Right Theme

Nothing turns potential readers off than using a theme that does not convert well when viewing on a mobile screen. If viewers have to resize the page, squint their eyes, or do any extra work in order to read what you have to offer, you can guarantee they are going to move on. A majority of blog and website themes today are mobile friendly, but you should not just assume that they are, test and retest often to ensure that your website looks just as good on the mobile screen as it does on the PC.


3.  Change Your Links to Buttons

Links are not easy to navigate when you are dealing with a mobile website. People that are not working on tablets, but rather small smartphones might accidentally hit the wrong button and not end up at the link you intended to send them. Since consumers are easily distracted when it comes to viewing things on the internet, one wrong turn could completely take your company out of their mind. Instead of links, use buttons that are easy to see and press, ensuring that your traffic goes where you intended it to go.


4.  Enable QR Codes

QR codes provide users a fast way to gain access to your website without having to do any type of search. You can place QR codes on product labels and advertisements, helping to steer consumers in the right direction. The largest benefit of using the QR code is the limited amount of time it takes, you are talking a matter of 3 seconds to scan a QR code when you could be talking about a minute or longer to search and find your website, an effort many people will not make.


5.  Make it User-Friendly

Does your website allow viewers to make a purchase or to opt into an email list? If so, you need to make sure these features are user-friendly so that your readers can easily do what they intended. For example, if your mobile website is not set up for easy purchasing, someone that adds a product to their cart could easily get turned off and go make the purchase somewhere else. Making sure every feature including credit card purchases and opting into lists is user-friendly can help your business tremendously.


The bottom line is that your website must be mobile friendly or you will not be able to compete with any other business. Studies show that 51% of people use mobile devices over PCs when it comes to browsing the internet and shopping. Those statistics will only increase, making mobile traffic even more beneficial to any business that wants to su

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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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