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7 Motivation Tips For Freelance Writers

  • August 25 2014
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Being a freelance writer has many perks and drawbacks. For instance, you can set your own hours and work in the comfort of your own home. However, being self-employed means that you have to remain motivated in order to find success. Here are seven motivation tips to stay on top of your game as a freelance writer.


Create To-Do Lists Each Day

Creating a to-do list is no ones idea of a good time. However, it can be an extremely effective way to stay motivated as a freelance writer. Try to get in the habit of writing down between two to five things that you want to accomplish the next day. These things should be very achievable and relatively small such as “email a potential client” or “create a mockup”. Don’t overwhelm yourself by putting too many things to do on your list, and don’t be afraid to break up a large task into multiple days.


Create a Great Work Space

Working at home definitely has its disadvantages, such as not having an ideal workspace. If you find yourself getting too distracted at home then it’s a good idea to try to work as if you were working a real nine to five job at a traditional workplace. Set the alarm clock and even get dressed in your work clothes in order to get you in the mood to work. On top of this, try shutting off any electronics you don’t need such as your cell phone as these can be an easy distraction. Block out the amount of time that you want to work, and stick to it.


Get Away From Distractions

When you really need to focus on finishing a project then the worst thing you can do is let yourself get distracted. In this day and age, it can be all too easy with all the technology that surrounds us. Don’t let this happen to you, instead turn off your phone, email notification, IM, and anything else that can distract you from the work that you need to get done. Try to focus all of your attention at the task at hand. Working with the TV on is also a big no-no as not only will it distract you, but also there’s no way to produce your best work with it blaring in the background.


Leave Time For Yourself

Even freelance writers can become workaholics, however you can’t just work non-stop.  It is recommended instead that you follow the 5-25 rule, as this is a very effective way of balancing both work and leisure as a freelance writer. This rule dictates that you get a timer and set it to 25 minutes. Work through this time, and after the timer goes off take a five-minute break where you can do anything you want such as surf the web or listen to some music. This is a great way to keep you motivated, but also giving you some time to relax and not get too burnt out.


Join the Freelance Community

A good way to keep your mind on writing, but also take some time to relax is to join the freelance writing community. As there are many benefits to talking to fellow freelance writers, whether it’s on Twitter or Facebook. Even befriending a fellow writer offline can be a great way to blow some steam by grabbing a coffee with someone who you can relate to.


Vary the Tasks At Hand

No one said you have to only write emails the entire day, even if you have a bunch to write. Instead, try to vary all the tasks that you have at hand throughout your day in order to not get sick of doing one single task. As a freelance writer, you don’t have a boss telling you exactly what you have to do with your day. This means you can choose whether to create Photoshop layouts, code, write emails—it’s all up to you.


Keep Organized

It’s incredible how much everyday habits can have such a great effect on your motivation and productivity. These habits include keeping your work area clear of any distractions, as when you work at home it can be all too easy to let your workplace get messy, since no one is there to judge you on it. However, a messy workplace can easily cause a scattered brain, and your writing can suffer tremendously when you are not organized. Instead, make a conscious effort to keep your workspace clean and well kept.

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Cameron Mackey

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