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11 Tips for Finding a Writer to Create Share Worthy Content

  • August 22 2014
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When it comes to business, the competition is fierce. Not only do you have to stick out from everyone else, but you also must find ways to stay relevant and new in order to stay above the competition. How is this done? One way is to create great content. The goal is to create the type of copy that will make your readers want to share it with their friends. Here are eleven tips to create share worthy content.


Discover Your Persona 

When you are talking to someone person to person, it is much easier to leave an impression on him or her and have a memorable personality, however when you’re online it’s much harder to do. You have many decisions that need to be made, such as are you going to attempt to be relevant and current or very visual? Will you create your content from a specific point of view or from your own persona or keep it distant? One key to this is to find where your passions lie in your business.


Create Catchy Headlines

Creating a headline that is both compelling and eye catching is an incredibly important part of creating a message that people will want to share with their friends. The job of a headline is to grab your reader’s attention. In fact, it is recommended that you spend as much time creating an excellent headline as you do developing the actual content. Keep in mind that media and content bombard people on a daily basis, and so they tend to be quite picky about what they read, let alone share. Your best bet is to come up with a headline that will pop out at your readers and get them to take the next step of reading your content and potentially sharing it.


Optimize Your Content For Re-tweets

Twitter is an incredibly powerful platform to get people to share and engage online. In order to encourage your readers to share content on such social media such as Twitter, try to create content that is targeted specifically towards sharing on these platforms. It is beneficial to use words that are the most shared on Twitter in order to increase you views.


Put Some Shock Value Into It 

Content that is worthy of sharing often gives the reader a little bit of a shock. In order to make your content go viral, it’s important to add a little bit of controversy and edginess to really give your website the upper hand. By doing this, you will be keeping your content fresh and interesting, which will appeal to people not only inside your industry, but outside of it as well.


Break Your Content Down

Content that can be easily read and digested by your readers will ensure that their interest is piqued and kept. Your content should be well formatted to make it easy to read. In order to do this, try breaking your content down into headings and creating short but precise paragraphs. Also make sure that you stay on topic and use proper spelling and grammar. Keep in mind that lengthy content is likely not to get as many shares, as keeping it short and sweet, which will often have your reader clicking the share button before they’ve even finished reading it.


Keep It Serious

Backing up any claims that you make is essential to staying a credible source of information. For instance think about an expert in a certain industry, it is likely that you see their claims backed up by evidence, as this is what contributes to them being able to claim themselves as experts. In a similar way you want your readers to consider you an expert on the topic you are talking about, and so showing relevant data and citing your sources is crucial. Citing sources is a very simple process, and is as easy as linking the webpage that you found the information on back to your content, as well as using hard evidence and building citations in order to back up your claims and increase your credibility. Keep in mind that the more credible you are the more likely your content will be shared.


Give Value

Don’t mistake pure entertainment value as real value. While having a catchy heading, creating a good hook, and having some shock value all provide some entertainment to your reader, readers are also looking for value. They don’t want just mindless entertainment, but answers or solutions regarding the subject your content is on.


Create a Connection

You want to write content that will get your readers to form a personal connection with your organization or business. For instance, a study done by the New York Times found that 84% said that they’d share content that allows them to support a cause, and so showing off your charitable efforts can be extremely beneficial.


Create Noise

People will more likely want to share content with their friends if it’s loud. Your content should jump off the page and demand the reader’s attention. In order to do this, make sure that your content is constantly changing and jumps off the page by using the tips above.


Hire a Professional Writing Service

If you do not have the time to constantly create new and exciting content or are writing in a tough niche, investing in a professional writing service is extremely beneficial to your company. It’s important that you choose a pro that can turn out high quality content at a rapid pace. Make sure that your writing service is credentialed, and you have experience writing for your particular niche. They should also be able and ready to give you references and samples.


Involve Your Followers and Fans

One way to get your readers sharing and talking is by developing content that includes them. Do you have fans, followers, or customers who are loyal to your company? You should try recognizing them in your content, and they will more likely return the favor.

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Cameron Mackey

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