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Planning Effective Content for Your Industry


As with anything to do with marketing, the planning role is an extremely crucial part of your industry-specific marketing efforts. Once you’ve created a sturdy content marketing strategy, the actual execution of that plan requires extensive planning to make sure that it is successful. Industry-specific content marketing can be quite a challenge, in particular for those who have many other things they need to take care of. If you are feeling a bit overwhelmed with the planning stage of your content marketing then here are a few tips to help you plan effective content for your industry.



Narrow The Focus of Your Topic

It can be quite tempting, especially if you offer B2B services, to want to appear as the expert in every facet to do with your services or products. Although this strategy can work for more general content creation, when it comes to industry-specific content, there is no way that your content can cover every aspect of your business. Additionally, you should not attempt to target everyone, and so it is crucial that you find your particular niche and stay there.



Find Your Industry Verticals

To produce quality industry-specific content, you must first look at the most critical industry verticals that you want to write about within your content. Decide where your business has the most expertise on a particular subject matter, as well as where your business has the best growth potential and where it wants to grow. Thinking about these components will aid you in narrowing your target focus to specific issues, topics, and questions that your target audience would want addressed in every stage of the client process.



Find The Right Experts

Your business will not be able to establish itself as a thought leader unless you have thought leaders within your company. As part of the planning process of your content, it is crucial that you find the experts for your internal subject matter that can provide copy and substance to your industry-specific content efforts. However, keep in mind that some of the people that have all of the industry knowledge to write excellent content are not able to based on their lack of writing experience. Also, in some instances, your business’s most able subject matter experts have extremely tight schedules and a lot on their plate, and so they may not being willing to aid your content efforts.



Recruit Younger Experts

When you find yourself blocked by the inability to locate an effective thought leader, it is highly recommended that you hire the next generation of industry experts, who are younger, but still have expertise. In essence, don’t turn your head away from a subject matter expert merely because they are not getting published in industry journals or speaking at prestigious conferences. There are plenty of rising professionals that may be able to serve your purpose fantastically. These people are often highly motivated since they want to put their name out.



Think About Your Content Way Ahead of Time

You should view your content marketing planning through a long-term, big picture lens. You must have an idea of where you are planning on going six to twelve months ahead of time, and what exactly you want to publish. It is best to create a content marketing roadmap that will identify the theme of topics you wish to cover each quarter or month, the specific topics, and what formats. As well as who will be doing the writing, designing, editing, and contributing.



Keep Unused Ideas

One of the best things you can do to ensure an efficient content marketing strategy is to keep all of your unused ideas and topics around in case you want to use them in the future. A topic that may not work right this second may be just what you need somewhere along the line. On top of this, it is much simpler to look through a list of potential topics that you’ve already thought up instead of always starting from scratch when creating a pool of subjects for the month.


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