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11 Tedious Task Small Businesses Should Outsource


Although you may think that you can do every task required to run your business, the truth is it often is more beneficial to delegate some tasks to others to help lighten your load, and save you money. Trying to get everything done yourself is just a recipe for disaster. Instead, by outsourcing certain tasks that you do not need to complete yourself, you can concentrate on the most important aspects of running a business. Here is a list of eleven tedious tasks that you should outsource.


1.   Video Editing

Video editing is a hard process if you do not have the adequate training, which is why it is highly recommended that you outsource your video editing. In fact, video editing is one of the most time-consuming and stressful jobs that need to be completed, which also makes it the most costly. Don’t make the mistake of asking an employee who is “tech-savvy” to do the work for you, as this will lead to them being frustrated and not able to get other work done. Instead, outsource the job to an outside company to get a clean and professional video that is perfectly edited.


2.   Inbound Marketing Efforts

The marketing world is an ever-changing one. Between the rapidly advancing technological world and the change in consumer attitudes, it is exceedingly difficult to market to your target audience without the right experience. Although an inbound marketing approach tends to be the best way to generate the most leads, it can be much too time consuming to go at it alone. However, by outsourcing to a company that will create an integrated program including SEO, website marketing, email marketing, public relations, and social media you can ensure that your inbound marketing efforts are completed correctly.


3.   Your Payroll

Hiring an outsourced service to complete your payroll can make a substantial impact on your bottom line. On the other hand, completing your payroll in-house requires that both you and your employees stay on top of all of the regulations—local, state, and federal. These can frequently change, and so it requires that you keep on top of them, which requires precious time that you could put to good use somewhere else. By hiring an outside payroll service, you can avoid spending resources to deduct taxes, unemployment, social security, health programs, worker’s compensation, etc.


4.   Writing Needs

Writing is time-consuming, and if you are not used to writing all the time you’ll likely be much slower at it than a pro, and probably not as good either. By outsourcing your writing needs to a writing service you can instead spend time growing your business. You can also ensure that your copy does not just sound like everyone else’s, which really won’t win over any new customers. On top of this, getting a writing service to create an eBook for your business can be one of the best things you do for it. This is because it is an excellent tool to set your company apart from the rest.


5.   Social Media

You probably already know the importance of your business being active on different social media platforms, especially if you are taking the company national or even international. However, keeping an active social media presence yourself requires too many hours of your time devoted to keeping active. Instead, outsource your social media needs and the outsourced company will do everything for you from monitoring your accounts to ensuring that your social media platforms adhere to your brand image.


6.   Administration

Administration tasks are likely a huge headache for you. If you do your administration yourself, it can easily end up with you starting your day with a mountain of paperwork. Unless that is something you want to do, one of the best assignments you can outsource is your administration task. Doing these yourself only takes away your strength and focus, which you should channel somewhere else. Instead, hire an outsourced administrative assistant. You should even consider hiring a virtual assistant, as they can often do things just as efficiently as in person. This person can schedule all of your appointments, compile reports, return calls, and much more.


7.   Shipping

There’s almost nothing more tedious than painstakingly writing addresses out, pulling product, and filling envelopes. If your business sells items, books, DVDs, or anything else then don’t let your shipping needs get in the way. Instead, focus on the creative part of your business and leave the shipping to someone else. You can find many services that will take care of all your shipping needs so that you can focus on the important things that keep your business running smoothly.


8.   Blogging

Although no one should understand your audience and the message that you want to portray as much as you, by comprehensively covering this with an outsourced company you can significantly benefit from outsourcing your blog writing needs. Additionally, you should absolutely outsource the design of your blog site to a web designer that is also an SEO expert. You may also want to consider paying them to teach you the mechanics of using the blog creation service your utilizing. For instance, some web design services will create personal videos for you so that you can use them as a reference when creating pages, posting blogs, adding tags, etc.


9.   Sales Activities

If you do not have any experience in sales, then any sales activity can become an uphill battle. Nonetheless, the sales component of your business is one of the most important, and so doing it properly is imperative. If you are not an expert in the sales department, then you should hire an outsourced professional to take over. Rather, focus on building up your business and outsourcing your sales efforts, which will aid you in accelerating your sales. A sales company can also help get you speed-to-market benefits, as you’ll be leveraging their specialized skill and tools that are proven to be effective.


10.   Organization and File Storage Tasks

We live in an age where our computers and Smartphone’s distract us relentlessly through the working day, which can be a huge problem if you are trying to maximize your time. However, by staying organized, you can skyrocket your productivity. Although you can get organized yourself, hiring a virtual assistance can save you a considerable amount of time. An outsourced assistant can aid you in systemizing your life and creating processes to ensure that your business runs without a hitch. For example, they can open up Google Drive Organization and Dropbox, Google Docs, and Data Entry.


11.   SEO Needs

Search Engine Optimization is an essential component that has changed dramatically over the past few years. In the past, simple keyword stuffing used to be extremely efficient in landing your business on the front page of search engines, but this is no longer the case. In fact, the world of SEO is changing so rapidly that what works today may not work tomorrow. However, by outsourcing a company to create excellently crafted content that is search engine optimized you do not have to worry about any of this. Such an outsourced company can take care of your competitor analysis, site analysis, and on-page optimization, webmaster submission, etc.


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