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What is Content Writing and How Can it Help Your Business

  • April 8 2014
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Content writers have been sought for years to assist business and blog owners with having fresh, relevant content to offer to their readers. This is an important job and it takes a great amount of skill to be able to provide clients with the content that they need. Both parties have responsibilities, the writer and the client, in order to achieve perfect content for a website. Clients should always be clear in what they need or want. Writers should follow these notes and provide high-quality content every time.   Content Writing Content writing is the practice of researching and verbalizing information in a way that is engaging for readers and valuable to the website. This job requires thought, Read More

How to Get Paid to Write Articles

  • April 4 2014
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It isn’t always easy to start a career as a freelance writer. There are thousands of writers doing the same thing you wish to do. If you follow a few simple guidelines, your success as a writer is definite. One thing that you cannot do is just waiting for work to come to you, you have to find it.   Learning Where to Look You can always apply here at Vorongo! We accept quality writers from the USA.  If you are interested and think you have what it takes feel free to contact us today.   New writers are often confused as to where to look for work. It never hurts to start on a content mill. While many freelancers look down on content mills, these places almost always have work available. Read More

Tips for Adding Passion to Your Writing

  • March 25 2014
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As a writer you have the innate ability or talent of shaping words into expressions that educate, entertain and inspire those who read them. However, just because you can write does not mean you can write passionately. The good news is that it is easy to tap into your passionate self in order to create works of writing that capture your audience. Here are six tips to make you a more passionate writer.   Tap Into Yourself One of the easiest things to be passionate about is yourself. Actors and dancers spend hours on end exploring themselves in order to perfect their craft. The same thing goes for writing. In order to write a passionate and inspired piece of writing you must explore your mind Read More

Tips to Writing Better Press Releases

  • March 20 2014
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Writing a great press release can ensure that it is successful online. A successful press release can assure that you achieve you goals online, whether that is to promote a product or spread awareness of an issue. Here are seven tips that will aid you in creating a concise, powerful and professional press release.   Write Professionally Readers can tell whether or not a press release is written properly or professionally within a matter of reading a few sentences. If you write a release that contains any sort of slang, hype or over-use of exclamation points then it is likely that readers will consider it an advertisement and not a professional press release. In some instances, media sources Read More

10 Rules for Writing Numbers and Numerals

  • March 13 2014
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Writing grammatically correct sentences have been instilled in us since elementary school. However, when it comes to knowing the proper way to use numbers in your writing, this is probably a lesson that has been long forgotten. Knowing how to properly express numbers is crucial when writing any sort of paper, nevertheless it can get complicated when figuring out when to use digits and when to spell out the number in letters, for example, when to write eleven and when to write 11. The good news is that with ten simple rules you can be well on your way to knowing how to properly use numbers in your writing.   Using Numerals vs. Numbers To start off with knowing the difference between a number Read More

7 Myths of Conversion Rate Optimization

  • February 28 2014
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All websites set out to have as many visitors as possible, and to have those visitors become loyal visitors and customers whenever the website is set up that way. The problem is, not all people who visit the site will convert over into customers. The conversation rate will vary, but the more site owners are able to increase their conversions, the more sales they will have. Here are some debunked myths to help you increase your conversion rate the right way.   1. Old Practices Give the Best Conversion Rates This is simply untrue. The newer practices for conversion rate optimization must include the new algorithms and how the internet has changed, so you must continually update how you plan Read More