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What is Content Writing and How Can it Help Your Business

  • April 8 2014
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Content writers have been sought for years to assist business and blog owners with having fresh, relevant content to offer to their readers. This is an important job and it takes a great amount of skill to be able to provide clients with the content that they need. Both parties have responsibilities, the writer and the client, in order to achieve perfect content for a website. Clients should always be clear in what they need or want. Writers should follow these notes and provide high-quality content every time.


Content Writing

Content writing is the practice of researching and verbalizing information in a way that is engaging for readers and valuable to the website. This job requires thought, the ability to organize and prioritize sub-headings or topics in order to make the article as relevant as possible.


Structure is also important. Include lists, bullet points or general points to break up the content. The content has to flow in order to keep readers interested.


The Purpose

The purpose of content writing is to provide valuable information or explanations of information for readers. This can be anything from an instructional guide-style article to a fun, and light-hearten blog post.


In any regard, the purpose is to bring readers back to a website. Sometimes the purpose is to pitch a new product or service to readers to increase business sales. Content, and how it is presented, is the way to achieve more sales as well as increase readership.


Instructing a Writer on a Topic

As the client, it is your duty to completely explain the project to the writer. The more instruction and direction they have, the more likely you are to get what you need.


A few guidelines to follow include:


-Provide keywords

-Provide geo-tags

-Include the number of times keywords should appear

-Provide a resource for information

-Include a sample of content as a guide for structure and tone

-Provide company background information

The more information you can provide a writer with, the more likely you are to receive perfect content every time.


How it Helps Your Business

How does content writing help your business you ask? The answer is quite simple actually. Business owners do not have time to sit and write out content for their websites. Writers do this for a living and understand what it takes to create relevant, fresh content for readers. Many content writers are well-versed in a variety of topics and writing styles.


The idea is to hire a writer that specializes in the niche your business falls into. A writer that understands the terminology and writing style for that niche is the most likely to provide the content that you need. It should be engaging and draw readers to the website. It should also warrant other readers and business owners to share the content via social media. This type of free advertising is invaluable to a business owner.


As you can see, the way that you instruct a writer and their expertise in the subject is the right way to get the best content for your website.


Now, one trick that many business and blog owners are not aware of is re-launching or re-publishing a website weekly. What this does is keep the content fresh, relevant and high on search engine results. If a content provider offers a suggestion or takes a little bit different of an approach with your request, at least consider it first. Don’t reject it right away. Look at the flow, structure and language used. It might just be the engaging content that the site needs to draw in users, including when it comes to controversial topics.

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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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