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How Content Marketing Conferences Can Help Your Business Grow


Marketing is ever evolving, making it necessary for any professional to constantly stay “in the know.” The best way to do this is to get out there and learn about it – hear the experts speak, listen to ideas of others in the industry, and see what’s new, all of which is presented at content marketing conferences. Think of marketing conferences as a way to stay ahead of the game; a way to be one of the first to grab onto new trends and watch the hard work pay off in the end.



Learn from the Experts


There is no better place to hear and see the experts in action than at conferences. These events give participants the opportunity to be up close and personal with industry experts in a way that would be impossible in any other setting. Listening to the experts speak and watching them in action is enough of a take away from any event to make it worthwhile, but there are always other incentives as well. Learn about the newest products and services coming and hear about the trends that have been in the works for a while but are just being released to the attendees at the conference first. As one of the first to hear about the trends, you can get started on them before the general public is even aware.



Network Like a Professional


Networking is a key component of content marketing, but when the circle of professionals in any particular area is exhausted, networking can become fruitless. Even virtual networking can lose its impact when you are not able to meet the people face-to-face. Branching outside of the immediate area and attending content marketing conferences is one of the best ways to rub noses with those that are “higher up” or even those that you have “met” online but have yet to meet in person.  Professionals usually come from all over the world to attend conferences, giving you the ability to brainstorm and get fresh ideas from those that come from the complete opposite side of the world or those that you have met in a virtual sense and need to put a face with the name.



Attend Workshops


Most content marketing conferences include not only the opportunity to sit and listen to experts speak, but also the chance to attend workshops to give you hands-on experience that could not be gained anywhere else. Use the new techniques and procedures that you were taught and put them to the test. You will be able to go back to the office after the conference and implement these new tactics right away because you will have a thorough understanding of how they work and what you need to do to get them implemented.



Spy on your Competitors


You can see what your competitors are up to online, but there is nothing like hearing and seeing them in person to really give you the true feeling of how they are doing business. You might find that you love their ideas and use a few for your own business or you might find that you are doing just fine and don’t need their ideas to further your business. Either way, it gives you further knowledge on what to expect out there and how you can get clients away from your competitors and into the arms of your business.


Attending content marketing conferences might seem costly, time consuming, and just downright exhausting, but a majority of the time they are well worth it. You are able to find ways to improve your business, implement new techniques, meet new people, and get the leg up on your competitors. If you are one that wants to be at the forefront of the industry, the information is out there at these conferences, but you need to attend them to get ahead of the game. Anyone that does not attend them could be losing a large portion of their target audience to their competitors that take advantage of the expertise provided at the conferences.


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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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