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Tips to Writing Better Press Releases

  • March 20 2014
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Writing a great press release can ensure that it is successful online. A successful press release can assure that you achieve you goals online, whether that is to promote a product or spread awareness of an issue. Here are seven tips that will aid you in creating a concise, powerful and professional press release.


Write Professionally

Readers can tell whether or not a press release is written properly or professionally within a matter of reading a few sentences. If you write a release that contains any sort of slang, hype or over-use of exclamation points then it is likely that readers will consider it an advertisement and not a professional press release. In some instances, media sources can use your press release in their own publications without changing the contents of it. This is more likely to happen if your press release contains no hype and is extremely professional.


Answer Hard Questions

When writing a press release it is important to keep in mind that not everything is considered to be newsworthy. Just because you personally are excited about something does not mean that it is worth writing about. You must think about your particular audience when writing a press release. Take into consideration whether or not people will find your writing to be interesting. For example, if you are launching an online store and want people to know about it, keep in mind that people don’t tend to get too excited about a press release for an online store. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get your store out in the open. By focusing on the specific features of your online store’s products, shopping experience or unique services you can catch the attention of your readers. Try to answer the question, “Why do people care?”


Utilize Features and Anchor Text

Press releases don’t need to be just a boring block of words; you can also use videos, links, images and other multimedia files. This will make your press release much more interesting and capture the reader’s attention more easily. By simply releasing a press release without any of these features you are not fully optimizing your press release’s potential. Try using logos, product shots, audio files, headshots, video shots, PDF documents and anything else that will help your press release’s mission. Using hyperlinks and anchor text in order to direct your readers to your website also makes sure that both your crucial keywords and website receives the promotions that you seek.


Don’t Be Scared to Brag a Little Bit

Press releases that are distributed online are a great way to establish yourself as an expert in a certain area. If your website or company has passed an anniversary or a certain milestone, won an award or achieved substantial growth then letting the world know what your company or website did right is a great way to get your name out there. You may even want to consider writing a tip article that gives readers advice in the subject matter that you have achieved expert status in.


Utilize an Active Voice

Using an active voice when writing can make your press release more exciting. Also using strong verbs will make your press release very enticing to readers and gives your press release energy, which can distinguish it from the thousands of other press releases.


Limit Your Words

If your press release is too wordy then it can be extremely distracting. Ensure that your press release is concise. On top of this, make sure that your headline will grab the reader’s attention by being to the point. Take out any words that would be considered redundant or fluff.


Be Careful with Using too Much Jargon

Jargon is usually only understood by those in certain industries, groups or professions and will most likely be lot on the general reader. While using some amount of jargon can be necessary in your press release, it is important to keep in mind that your reader must understand your press release in order for your to achieve your goal.

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Cameron Mackey

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