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Tips for Adding Passion to Your Writing

  • March 25 2014
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As a writer you have the innate ability or talent of shaping words into expressions that educate, entertain and inspire those who read them. However, just because you can write does not mean you can write passionately. The good news is that it is easy to tap into your passionate self in order to create works of writing that capture your audience. Here are six tips to make you a more passionate writer.


Tap Into Yourself

One of the easiest things to be passionate about is yourself. Actors and dancers spend hours on end exploring themselves in order to perfect their craft. The same thing goes for writing. In order to write a passionate and inspired piece of writing you must explore your mind and what exactly is inside of yourself. Once this is achieved, allow it to come out in your writing.


Know What You Love

In order to write passionately you have to find what specifically you are passionate about. To do this try taking a look at your personal life and what you are doing that you love. By knowing what it is that you love to do and channeling that into your writing, you can turn your writing pieces into a fiery passionate works.


Know Yourself 

Knowing what exactly makes you tick and what it is that motivates you to write will help you channel your energy into the pieces of writing that you create. By understanding yourself you can better connect with your viewership. To do this try to get a better sense of yourself and the way that you view the world around you. This will give your writing a clearer and brighter sense. The way that you operate and behave affects how you write and so being aware of this can bring out the best in your writing. Remember to avoid writing in a fashion that portrays yourself in a way that people want you to be or in a way that you wish you were. Instead, let your unique self-shine through, which will cause people to be drawn to your writing.


Know Your Qualities

It is likely that you have a pretty good idea of what your values, interests, and skills are, but you need to dig really deep in order to get a sense of what your imperative is in life. Find out the exact values that define who you are and the skills that you excel and enjoy. This will allow the passion to shine through in your writing and allow it to be focused but also expansive.


Come Up with a Vision

Once you can confidently say that you know yourself inside and out and you know what is important in your life then you can start to design a vision for your writing. Creating a vision based on your skills, personality, values and interests will allow you to refine your writing and bring out the passion in your words. Any mission you have with your writing will be more clear and precise and readers will see that you know what you’re talking about. Having a precise direction that you want your writing to take will allow for the passion and authenticity of your writing to shine through.


Create an Action Plan 

The final step to finding the passion in your writing is to create an action plan by taking everything you’ve learned about yourself and your interests and putting it together. Take everything you learned in order to infuse your words with substance, dimension, presence and most importantly—passion.

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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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