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8 Different Types of Ghostwriters

  • February 19 2015
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Everyone needs to be able to communicate. It’s simply how we live our lives as humans and how society works as it has progressed over thousands of years. The ability to write, as well as interpret information is a very necessary skill to have, especially when it comes to communicating across different platforms. In the world of blogs, comments and text messages, it is absolutely essential that we know how to convey ideas properly. Especially as these types of modern technologies have made the written word incredibly accessible and ever changing, which has, in turn, made ghostwriting a very widely used and common resource for efficient and fast content creation. Ghostwriters are very versatile people who are able to take on an array of professional and creative roles. That being said, the strength of ghostwriting may vary depending on the writer’s technique, style and experience. When hiring a professional ghostwriter, it’s crucial to take their different strengths and weaknesses into consideration. Additionally, when you are looking at a ghostwriter’s work, it’s important to know your own strengths so that you can effectively market your services. There are a number of different types of ghostwriters that you should know about when looking to hire one for your service.


1.  Autobiographical Ghostwriters

Although the title of the book may imply that the subject is on the author, writing an autobiography can be tricky to write on your own when you’re the subject. Famous people, especially those that aren’t great at communication skills, often will hire a ghostwriter in order to create their autobiography. By ghostwriting, the writer can take an objective perspective on the subject’s personality and life story, which will allow for a different angle, one that may be more sincere and truthful. Additionally, many families will hire a ghostwriter in order to write their family history, especially if they have a long and interesting one. Ghostwriters will be able to study and portray a family’s history without any bias, as well as give a more comprehensive and objective examination.


2.  Fiction

In many cases, a person will come up with a great idea for a fictional story, however not everyone has the proper writing or creative skills to get their thoughts effectively on paper. By hiring a ghostwriter who is skilled in the art of creative writing, an author can turn their fictional story ideas into a professional and polished piece in order to bring it to life. In other cases, ghostwriters may be asked to write screenplays or scripts, which require a much more different type of writing than typical storytelling. For those people who aren’t well versed in how to write dialogue, stage direction and camera angles, ghostwriting can make the creation process more efficient. This means that ghostwriters are often hired in order to write for movies and TV shows.


3.  Business Reports and Records

Businesses will often hire a ghostwriter in order to take notes for their meetings, which are then kept on file. This is often very important when businesses are going through courtrooms, negotiations and governmental meetings. A ghostwriter who can type quickly and keep meticulous notes will be good for this position


4.  Blogging

While many people tend to think of blogs as a sort of online diary, in many cases they are used for sales, advertising and other such marketing objectives. It is thus crucial for bloggers to be able to post engaging and regular content that will attract viewership.


5.  Medical Documentation

Although they are very experienced in their fields, scientists and researchers may not have the necessary skills in order to effectively write journal articles and medical reports. In order to publicize their research, they will often enlist ghostwriters in order to get their findings and ideas across to other medical professional, as well as the general public.


6.  Speech Writing

Celebrities, corporate executives and politicians all may have great charisma in order deliver compelling and amazing speeches, however they often times lack the ability to transfer their thoughts and ideas into a written speech. Ghostwriters may be delegated in order to writer their speeches so that some of the pressure is taken of those public figures that they are writing for.


7.  Social Media

Along side speeches, many businesses and public figures require ghostwriters to be able to effectively manage their social media. Due to the fact that social media websites are virtual spaces that contain constant activity, many popular brands must come up with regular creative content and be prepared to interact with users on a constant basis. Ghostwriting can help with this.


8.  Newsletters

News outlets, businesses and other such institutions will send out regular newsletters to a list of recipients through email or even through traditional mail. Ghostwriters will cover various updates, messages and events for the recipients of such newsletters.


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