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7 Skill Sets You Want for Your Ghostwriting Service

  • February 13 2015
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There are certain skills that you must depend on when working virtually. This is especially the case for ghostwriting services. No matter the research and writing tasks that your ghostwriting service provides, there are seven essential qualities that it should possess. Here are several skill sets that your ghostwriting should have in order to be successful.


1.  Timeliness

In the ghostwriting business, meeting deadlines is as important as submitting a good piece of writing. It doesn’t make a difference how great your writing is if it isn’t ready to be published on time. Meeting deadlines reflects directly on your ghostwriting service’s professionalism, as well as is a sign of respect for your clients. Additionally, you should ensure that any phone calls and emails are returned swiftly, as this will demonstrate your service’s punctuality throughout the “getting-to-know-you” process.


2..Communication Ability

Another quality that your service should be able to demonstrate is its communication ability. Ghostwriters should be able to communicate with clients on exactly what they want and need from their writing project. Listening to your clients is one of the key skill sets that a ghostwriting service should have. Your clients have a wealth of information and it’s important that your ghostwriting service’s communication capabilities are able to draw it out. Otherwise, you’ll be subject to rewrite after rewrite and a not so happy clientele.


3.  Research Skills

This is incredibly important, especially if you are hired to write any historical or technical pieces. In particular, technical writing must be correct and accurate in every single detail in order to ensure that it is effective. Any mistakes will be blamed on your service, and so ensure that you are oriented in whatever subject you are hired to write about. In opinion or fiction pieces there is more leeway, however current and accurate research will still give you much more credibility. Ensure that you receive detailed expectations and directives from your clients, as well as a summation of exactly what they want in order to ensure there are no misconceptions and that you are able to deliver an extremely solid product that your client will be happy with.


4.  Computer Skills

One of the most critical skill sets for a ghostwriting service is strong computer skill. Your writers must know more then how to work their way around a word processing program. Writers should know how to use more than one video communication program, as virtual conferencing has become an extremely popular way to communicate with clients. Ensure that you know how to leverage Windows Live, Skype and Yahoo message platforms in order to interact effectively with your potential clients. Knowing how to utilize publishing and design software is also useful as it can add value to your service, especially if you can design eBook layouts. Additionally, knowing how to use photographic software will be beneficial to your service as well.


5.  Knowing How to Create a Profile and Portfolio

It’s important that your writers know how to create an informative profile, as well as an online portfolio. Clients will want to know that your writers have the necessary experience to perform. Creating a great profile will ensure that you sound like the correct person to hire, however having the experience to back it up is also extremely important. There are several ways to deliver a portfolio to your client. One way is to provide links of the sale sites for the books that you’ve ghost written. Additionally, you can provide book excerpts on your website in order to give clients samples of your writing. It is recommended that you look at your website as a portfolio in itself.


6.  Adaptability

Your clients will likely ask you for samples of your work. You should be able to provide them with various samples with different tones, voices and styles of writing in order to show them that you have versatility, and can write a number of different types of pieces. It is essential that you’re able to adapt the tone and style necessary in order to complete a writing project that is customized to your clients’ specific tastes and likings. Sometimes your client doesn’t know exactly what they want, and so you should be able to recommend the best route to take for their situation


7.  Excellent Spelling and Grammar Skills

This should be a no-brainer, however the number of ghostwriters who are unable to follow the rules of the English language would surprise you. It is absolutely essential that you be well versed in spelling and grammar rules, as any mistakes your service makes will reflect poorly on your client. You can be sure that they will never hire you again if they find any mistakes in your writing, and so ensure that you proofread several times before turning anything in.


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