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High Quality Content or Links; What is More Important?

  • September 16 2014
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When creating a website, you need to figure out the best way to promote your site and get a regular audience. Some specialist’s say that content is king, and no matter what else you do, you must always have the perfect content. Others claim that even mediocre content will be fine, so long as you have the right links coming into and going out of your website. So which one is true—should you have quality content or links? Well, both, and here’s why.   The Benefits of Great Website Content Great website content is important. It helps get readers engaged, prompts them to return, and helps them to trust what you have to say. The more content you can put up on your site that falls under Read More

How Hashtags Can Increase Your Audience

  • September 11 2014
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Hashtags have taken over the world. You see them in social media, but you also hear them in commercials, people referring to them in television shows, and the list goes on. It used to be that only Twitter users used hashtags, but that is no longer the case. Adding hashtags to your content can drastically increase the amount of viewers that you get, and here’s how.   Hashtags Extend Beyond Twitter’s Reach You can use a hashtag on any social media outlet and people understand the point you are trying to make. You can even get away with using hashtags on website content and blogs, seeing as how hashtags are just simply small phrases to cover a particular point.   There are Read More

8 Tips for Turning First Time Blog Visitors into Loyal Followers

  • September 5 2014
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When it comes to being a blogger, repeat traffic is crucial to raking in the dough. You can create hundreds of backlinks, but if the only people who are checking your website are first timers then you are going to struggle to make any blogging profits. Your most important goal as a blogger should be to bring in a loyal following. Luckily, there are some tips and tricks you can use to keep people coming back. Here are eight ways to gain loyal followers.   Quality is Key You can use all the tricks in the book in order to increase your blogs repeat readers, however none of it will mean anything if you aren’t able to produce high quality content. If you are lacking in this department then Read More

Useful Tips To Make Your Blog Articles Search Engine Friendly

  • September 3 2014
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Are you informed on how to write blog posts that are search engine friendly? If not then you are missing out on a great opportunity, as blogging can be an excellent way to grab the attention of search engines such as Google. Why is this important? Having and writing for a blog can be fun but you also want your blog to have the web traffic it needs in order to show you have authority in your business and generate leads. Here are a few tips to use in order to write blog posts that will be picked up by search engines.   Use a Blog Application That is SEO Friendly Begin by utilizing a blogging application or platform that is search engine friendly. For instance Blogger and Word Press (both owned Read More