Tips for Creating a Kick Ass Press Release


A perfectly crafted press release can have multiple functions – it can raise awareness of a product or service or other newsworthy information as well as entice journalists to want to write more about it in their own area of expertise. If enough interest is piqued, your press release will garner the attention you desire and be shared in newspapers, magazines, and online forums. The key is what you put in your press release that will make the difference between a dud and one that performs the way you desire.



Grab Attention Fast

The one thing that can make or break a press release is its headline. You need to craft it in a way that it makes people want to grab it and read it. Mediocre titles will get a little attention, but will get a lot more people passing on it as they look for more exciting information out there. Take time creating your headline so that it literally turns heads, making them want to know more.



Don’t Use Fluff

Your readers want to know right away what this press release is about. This means getting right down to the nitty gritty in the first paragraph. In fact, the first three sentences of your paragraph are the most crucial. Most readers will skim the rest of the information, so make your point as fast as you can. As you move into the rest of the paragraphs, keep in mind that those first few sentences should set the tone for the rest of the content.



Make it Personal

Readers love quotes, especially when they come directly from the company behind the source of the press release. A quote from your CEO or other company representative will make people more likely to read what you have to say. It gives them a little personality to put behind the product, making them feel connected.



Stick with the Facts

A press release is not the time to get creative with your words. Readers want facts and facts only. Keep the editorial to a minimum and instead provide statistics and real facts that they can use to their benefit when forming their opinion on your service or product. Your readers will form their own opinion; use your press release to help make it a positive opinion.



Keep it Short

Readers are busy; in fact, it is very unlikely that they read an entire article, especially if it bores them. Before you risk your information not having any impact on any journalists, make sure to keep it short and to the point. One page is the general maximum for any press release; if you must go to two pages, it better be good.



Don’t Forget Contact Information

The goal behind most press releases is to garner the attention of journalists. Once you get that attention, you need them to be able to do something with what they know. Generally, you want them to contact you for more information so they can do their own write-up of your company or service. Make sure your contact information is front and center visible.


Time is of the essence with any press release. Perfectly timing its release and keeping it short and to the point will help you make the most of it. Remember that the content you put in is meant to grab the attention of journalists that see thousands of press releases on a daily basis. What is going to make yours stand out from the rest? This is something you have to ponder in order to ensure that writing a press release has the impact that you desire.


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