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How to Hire a Business Ghostwriter

  • January 29 2015
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There is a rising trend of CEOs and business owners from all over the country hiring business ghostwriters in order to create business books or write blogs for use in various marketing efforts. Doing so can be incredibly helpful to your business model. However, you must be extremely cautious when hiring an outside professional to ghostwrite for your business, as they will have your business’s reputation in their hands. Here are some pertinent tips to follow when wanting to hire a business ghostwriter.   How Hiring a Business Ghostwriter Can Aid Your Marketing Efforts Although business owners typically won’t gain huge profits from hiring a business ghostwriter to write a book or create Read More

7 Writing Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

  • January 19 2015
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One of the hardest things to do when writing is avoiding saying something the exact same way as someone else. If you say something that someone else has already said, without quoting them directly, it can be mistaken as plagiarism, even if you didn’t know about it. So what should you do to avoid this from happening? Well, the first thing you need to do is understand how plagiarism works. From there, give these tips a try when you are writing. They are bound to help you write what you have to say instead of rehashing what other people have already said.   1.  Fully Understand What Plagiarism Really Is The best way to avoid plagiarizing anyone else’s work is to know when you are Read More

The Professional Legal and Personal Consequences of Plagiarism

  • January 15 2015
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The consequences of plagiarism can be professional, ethical, personal and legal. Plagiarism is essentially an act of fraud that involves stealing someone’s work and then lying about it afterward. In this day and age there is plenty of software that is available in order to catch plagiarists. This means that plagiarists are being caught at a rapid rate. Once someone is accused of plagiarism, they will likely always be looked at with suspicion. Plagiarists can be anyone including students, authors, journalists, professionals, and others. Here are some of the major professional and legal consequences of plagiarism.   Destroyed Professional Reputation A professional such as a politician, businessperson Read More

The Impact of Third Person Point of View

  • January 7 2015
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When writing, taking the perspective of a third person can help create impact, making your point more poignant. If you want to figure out a way to help people think, and create a scene that your audience can picture themselves in, then your best bet is to use a third person’s point of view. This can mean something as simple as referring to the characters by name all of the time, or it can be more complicated, using a lot of him, her, and them statements. However, there are other bonuses to using a third person perspective in your writing as well. Here are a few of the most important perks.   You Will Gain a More Accepting Audience One of the main perks to using a third person’s Read More

When You Should Consider Hiring a Ghostwriter

  • January 2 2015
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Are you considering hiring a ghostwriter for your project? Then join the thousands of other people who have great story and content ideas, but need a bit of help from a seasoned writer. There are many reasons why anyone would want to hire a ghostwriter to pen their stuff. If you’re looking to get some help with your next novel, article, script or whatever other content you’re trying to create, here are a few reasons why going through with it would be a great idea.   You Do Not Have Great Writing Skills We all want our writing to be great, but when we lack the skills, it can make us wary about being a writer. With a ghostwriter, you can sift through the different skill sets and find a Read More

Putting a More Human Touch on Your Content

  • November 20 2014
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Have you ever read content that is so boring and out of touch that you have no interest in reading further? You probably have since this is quite common. However, in order to interest readers you want the exact opposite in your writing. Content should be engaging and interesting to read in order to keep your readers captivated and wanting to read on. In order to do this you must make a personal connection with your readers by adding a human touch to your writing that allows readers to relate to what you have to say. Here are a few tips in order to create content that will reel your readers in.   Get Personal One of the best ways to engage your readers is to tell a personal story in your Read More