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The Impact of Third Person Point of View

  • January 7 2015
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When writing, taking the perspective of a third person can help create impact, making your point more poignant. If you want to figure out a way to help people think, and create a scene that your audience can picture themselves in, then your best bet is to use a third person’s point of view. This can mean something as simple as referring to the characters by name all of the time, or it can be more complicated, using a lot of him, her, and them statements. However, there are other bonuses to using a third person perspective in your writing as well. Here are a few of the most important perks.


You Will Gain a More Accepting Audience

One of the main perks to using a third person’s perspective in your writing is that it is what people are used to. Traditionally, most writing is done by speaking about the characters indirectly. When that happens, the reader can picture him or herself in the situation, and they can relate to what is being said. If you were to change up what people are used to, unfortunately, you will lose some of your readers. They may not mean to back off from your work, but it is inevitable, as some people simply do not like change.


You Get a Uniquely Voiced Perspective

If you were to go through everything you wrote in first or second person’s perspective, then you are going to blend in with what you are writing. However, if you were to go through and keep one voice out, and use it as the person narrating the piece’s voice, then you have an authority on the subject in front of you, and you can distance yourself from the story. This lets you point out small things that some readers may not pick up on, on their own. On the other hand, if it fits what you are writing about, you can also explain things in a way that lets the reader draw his or her own conclusions and opinions based on the parts of the story you point out.


You Can Get Highly Animated

The more you are able to give an outsider’s perspective to what is going on in your writing, the more action and enthusiasm you can present to the reader. They can get into the details, and put the pieces together in their minds. This allows them to feel a part of what’s going on, instead of just reading the words and understanding their meaning. It helps your audience connect with your words on a deeper level, leaving them wanting more of whatever message you have to send along to them.


You Are Able to Make Your Story Larger than Life

When you apply a third person point of view to your words, you can add in more detail. You can pinpoint what is going on in each scene. You can apply information for all five senses, leaving no bit of information left out. This brings a deeper level of enjoyment to your readers, and gives you the ability to connect with them in a way that first or second person point of view simply cannot offer. When you allow the reader to do the first and second person connection to your words, they are able to be a part of whatever is going on.


Taking the time to speak to your readers from an authoritative, third person perspective can give them a level of understanding and satisfaction that no other perspective can offer. You will have the greatest association with your audience, and you will give them opportunities that other points of view just do not give them. If you want to be able to create a picture in your reader’s mind that they will keep thinking about for the long term, then using a third person’s perspective is the route to take.


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Cameron Mackey

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