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6 Foods that Jump-start Brain Power and Productivity

  • April 3 2015
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Nutrition is an important area of your life on which to focus. This is a pretty widely accepted concept, in fact, and the importance of eating well seems to be part of the “common sense” aspect of society at this point. In addition to how food affects your body and physical health, however, what you eat can have a significant impact on your mental ability. Did you know that eating the “right” types of food could boost your productivity by up to 20% according to the World Health Organization? I don’t know about you, but if I can raise my productivity that much just by changing what I eat, then I’m definitely going to take that opportunity.     1.  Make Fish a Weekly Staple More Read More

How to Distance Yourself from Others’ Thoughts and Ideas When Writing

  • April 2 2015
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Full of challenges and research that require you to take charge of your ideas and string together a coherent narrative, writing can be one of the most satisfying activities of your day. It can also be one of the most frustrating, however, especially if you’re having a hard time generating interesting or unique ideas about which to write. Many writers find themselves in this position, and it never becomes less of an annoyance. As you progress in your writing skill, however, it’s likely that you’ll eventually develop certain tactics that will help you power through writer’s block. Sometimes, however, the issue isn’t just that you’ve had a hard time thinking of topics about which to Read More

6 Secrets for Creating Viral Content

  • March 27 2015
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When looking at an extremely popular content piece have you ever wondered what it was exactly that made it go viral? Why does some content go viral while others just dwindle away into oblivion? It’s not as easy as you’d think to create content that goes viral, however it is also not overly complicated. As long as you’re willing to put some effort into it and know the basic mechanisms that go into creating viral content then you can have a relatively easy time at creating content that grabs people’s attention. Here are six tips to follow when you want your content to go viral.     1.  Make Sure Your Content is Unique Although this can sound pretty simple, it’s not that easy Read More

Five Content Creation Myths You Need to Let Go

  • March 17 2015
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Creating content for your website or blog can sometimes seem like a tedious task. With all of Google’s rules it can also almost seem impossible. Don’t let all of the rules and regulations scare you away from posting the content you want and need. Even when the thought of writing that next blog post or creating that next slideshow makes you cringe, it is important to know that things are not always what they seem when it comes to posting on the internet. Meaning, what you once thought you could not do online may be the norm now, and what was ok to do yesterday may not be such a good idea today.     1. Self-Promotion is Bad You are running a business, so while it is important to promote Read More

10 Must Have Content Creation Tools


Content creation can be a difficult task, but luckily there are many tools to help. Spanning from content curation to social media organization, the ten items described below are some of the best creation tools available.   1.  Twitter If you are looking for inspiration to draw from or simply wondering about the latest news and possible headlines, Twitter can be an excellent place to seek information. More specifically, consider creating or following a Twitter list: lists can be incredibly helpful when it comes to content creation. A list of people surrounding a particular topic, event, or area can not only generate topic ideas, but also provide multiple points of view to consider covering.   2.  Read More

The Importance of Great Blog Content for Your Affiliate Site

  • February 11 2015
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Affiliate programs are essentially arrangements where an online merchant website will pay another website commission for sending user traffic their way. These affiliate websites will post links throughout their webpages to the merchant site and then are paid according to an agreement, which is typically based on the amount of people that the affiliate site sends to the merchant’s or the number of people who purchase a service or item or perform some other type of action. If you hope to build an affiliate site that is successful there is one key ingredient that you should utilize—blogging. Although making an income from an affiliate site might seem like a piece of cake to you, this is actually Read More