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How to Hire a Business Ghostwriter

  • January 29 2015
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There is a rising trend of CEOs and business owners from all over the country hiring business ghostwriters in order to create business books or write blogs for use in various marketing efforts. Doing so can be incredibly helpful to your business model. However, you must be extremely cautious when hiring an outside professional to ghostwrite for your business, as they will have your business’s reputation in their hands. Here are some pertinent tips to follow when wanting to hire a business ghostwriter.


How Hiring a Business Ghostwriter Can Aid Your Marketing Efforts

Although business owners typically won’t gain huge profits from hiring a business ghostwriter to write a book or create a blog, especially as there are over 11,000 business books that are published each year through traditional publishers and countless blogs, there are still many reasons why a business ghostwriter can aid your marketing efforts. For one, doing so can attract new customers, as well as appeal to existing clients. If you are running a blog on cryptocurrency, you may hire a ghostwriter who will write generally on trending cryptocurrencies and also trading apps. For example, go through this detailed bitcoin era review to learn the tone. It can also raise a business’s public profile so that more radio show and TV engagements can be booked. Additionally, creating a business book or blog can be a great tool to use for professional speaking seminars and opportunities, and generally increase media interest and promote your business.


Do Your Homework

Research the various options that are available to you when it comes to finding a ghostwriter that fits your business needs. One easy way to proceed is to do a simple Google search, or look through such business websites as Thumbtack and LinkedIn. If you want to do a more refined search then looking at a writers’ database will be beneficial to you.  Finding ghostwriters for hire can seem difficult because there is work involved in researching the writers.


Request Several Writing Samples

It is highly recommended that you obtain several writing samples from prospective ghostwriters in order to get a sense of their capabilities, as well as their previous works. You should be aware that in some instances, ghostwriters sign non-disclosure agreements, which doesn’t allow them to share their previous work or name of the clients that hired them. However, they should be able to tell you if they have written for a certain type of industry or individual. You should ask potential ghostwriters for any books, articles and blogs that they have written using their own name. Additionally, be aware that ghostwriters will often change their writing style in order to suit their various clients’ needs. This means you can work with the ghostwriter in order to customize their work to your specifications.


Locate Someone Who Will Work Well With You

Know that you’ll likely be spending a substantial amount of time with the ghostwriter that you hire. You will also need to disclose some sensitive information to them about your business. This means that finding a ghostwriter that you can fully trust, and that you enjoy working with is very important.


Get the Details in Order

Various writers use various methods of finding information to use in writing for your business. For instance, some ghostwriters may rely on the notes that you give them; some prefer to interview you personally, while others like to do their own outside research. It is recommended that you utilize your first meeting with the ghostwriter in order to determine their individual process. Figure out how much outside effort and time will be needed from you in order to ensure that the ghostwriter is successful in achieving your goals. Also ensure that you get an estimate of how long it will take for the entire process of business writing. Also don’t forget about inquiring about the ghostwriter’s price scale. Ensure that you can afford to hire him or her.


Make an Informed Decision

Hiring a business ghostwriter can be extremely beneficial to your business whether it’s creating a business book or maintaining a blog. In order to ensure that hiring a business ghostwriter goes smoothly, it’s crucial that you are willing to do some legwork. Being able to make an informed decision about the ghostwriter will make the process of finding one that much more stress-free and enjoyable. Keep in mind that this person is someone who will be representing your business in the form of words. You should be sure that they have your business’s best interest at heart.


Shop Around

You shouldn’t just pick the first business ghostwriter you find. There are plenty out there that are willing to work with your business, and so it is highly recommended that you shop around and compare quotes from several ghostwriters. Don’t be hesitant to interview several, as this will give you a good feel for the specific type of ghostwriter you want. Finding one that fits perfectly with your business will allow you to rest easy knowing that your business’s reputation will be upheld and that you will gain the most benefits out of hiring a business ghostwriter.


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