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The Importance of Great Blog Content for Your Affiliate Site

  • February 11 2015
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Affiliate programs are essentially arrangements where an online merchant website will pay another website commission for sending user traffic their way. These affiliate websites will post links throughout their webpages to the merchant site and then are paid according to an agreement, which is typically based on the amount of people that the affiliate site sends to the merchant’s or the number of people who purchase a service or item or perform some other type of action. If you hope to build an affiliate site that is successful there is one key ingredient that you should utilize—blogging. Although making an income from an affiliate site might seem like a piece of cake to you, this is actually Read More

7 of the Most Reliable Mobile Wi-Fi Devices

  • February 3 2015
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Anyone that needs to carry on work as normal while on the go requires a wireless connection. This is especially true for those who work as a freelance writer; being able to get on online to conduct research, write, send documents, access files and information is absolutely essential to their work. With the rise in popularity of freelance writers, the need for reliable, powerful and mobile Wi-Fi devices has grown even more in recent years.  The market is flooded with a large number of companies offering these services; here are the 7 most reliable companies and what they have to offer.   1.  The Karma Hotspot This powerful Wi-Fi hub is a pocket-sized mobile hotspot that is set up with a Read More

Writing Tips for Better Conversion Rates

  • January 31 2015
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Your physical website is the main source for your content marketing strategy. You shouldn’t cut any corners when it comes to your copy. It has been found that website visitors tend to exit a website within 10 to 20 seconds, and only skim through an average of 20% of each page’s content. This means that your content should be something that grabs their attention right off the bat. It must be able to inspire visitors to action and increase your website conversion rate. Here are five writing tips to follow in order to drive up your conversion rate.   Cut Down Your Copy Nobody has time to carefully read every single paragraph and scroll through dozens of webpage’s in order to find key Read More

How to Hire a Business Ghostwriter

  • January 29 2015
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There is a rising trend of CEOs and business owners from all over the country hiring business ghostwriters in order to create business books or write blogs for use in various marketing efforts. Doing so can be incredibly helpful to your business model. However, you must be extremely cautious when hiring an outside professional to ghostwrite for your business, as they will have your business’s reputation in their hands. Here are some pertinent tips to follow when wanting to hire a business ghostwriter.   How Hiring a Business Ghostwriter Can Aid Your Marketing Efforts Although business owners typically won’t gain huge profits from hiring a business ghostwriter to write a book or create Read More

How to Stop Paying High PayPal Fees for Freelance Work

  • January 23 2015
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As a freelancer you are likely used to dealing with high PayPal fees if that is your regular payment method. However, you may not be aware that there actually is a means of avoiding the annoying PayPal fees that are potentially losing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year. This fee loophole comes in the form of PayPal Business Payments. You can select this option when invoicing your clients through Harvest or Freshbook among other invoice programs. With this service you will only be charged a flat rate of 50 cents for every transaction, instead of PayPal’s usual 2 to 3 percent. Here are a few things to know about the PayPal Business Payment feature.   How PayPal Business Read More

7 Writing Tips to Avoid Plagiarism

  • January 19 2015
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One of the hardest things to do when writing is avoiding saying something the exact same way as someone else. If you say something that someone else has already said, without quoting them directly, it can be mistaken as plagiarism, even if you didn’t know about it. So what should you do to avoid this from happening? Well, the first thing you need to do is understand how plagiarism works. From there, give these tips a try when you are writing. They are bound to help you write what you have to say instead of rehashing what other people have already said.   1.  Fully Understand What Plagiarism Really Is The best way to avoid plagiarizing anyone else’s work is to know when you are Read More