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Top 6 User Enhancing Website Layout Trends for 2015

  • August 18 2015
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Every year web design changes drastically. The trend this year is towards user enhancement rather than making websites promotional for companies. You will notice this year that websites are more user friendly and geared towards what the consumer wants rather than what a business thinks will sell. If you are a business owner and are trying to strike it rich with e-commerce or you are just trying to advertise your brick and mortar business better with your website, you must know these top 6 website layout trends for 2015 in order to be successful.



1.  Longer Sites, Fewer Links

The first most noticeable trend is the longer, scrolling websites that many businesses are using. Now it seems like websites go on forever, but this is for good reason. Due to the fact so many people access websites via their Smartphone or tablet, they are not getting the same experience that the PC user is getting. With too many links to navigate to, something gets lost in the translation to the mobile device and the viewer moves on to another site. With fewer links and longer pages, however, this problem is resolved, allowing you to retain your viewers.



2.  Larger Backgrounds

Backgrounds used to be muted and almost an afterthought on websites, but today they are large and “in your face.” Consumers almost expect a dynamic look when they visit websites now a day. They no longer want to see the tiled backgrounds or even solid backgrounds that lend themselves to seem boring and non-engaging. They want to be “wowed” when they visit a website.



3.  Professional Photography – Real Images

Gone are the days of paying for stock images and using them throughout your website. Today, consumers want to see real pictures; they want to feel like they are there at your business and can feel what the people in your images feel. Or they want to see inside your business and how it operates and what they can expect. Most consumers check with the Internet before going anywhere, so they want to know what to expect before walking in the front door. It is almost as if they want to feel like they were already in your establishment before they get there.



4.  Slideout Menus

It is no longer considered trendy to have your entire menu displayed across the top of your website as it used to be. It might seem like playing a little hide and seek with viewers, but a slideout menu is more preferable now. This goes along with the idea of a “cleaner” looking website with fewer gadgets and more information. Viewers know enough that when they hover over a picture or word, more options will pop out, as this is what they are trained to do with mobile devices and tablets, so why not make websites the same?



5.  Typography is Important

You probably have never given much thought to the typography of your website, but in 2015, you will want to do just that. Just as Google has their own font that makes their brand known just by looking at the font, the trend is for other companies to jump on that bandwagon. Basically any way that you can brand your company, you need to utilize. Typography is taking off in a big way and is offered from a variety of companies at reasonable prices, enabling you to create your brand the way you want it. Find the perfect typography for your company and make it yours – who knows, you could be the next “Google” having everyone, even kids, recognizing your name before they can read.



6.  Make it Readable

Overall, the best tip you can receive in 2015, is to make sure that your website is readable. This means on any device – so your content needs to be uniform. There is nothing worse than having the perfect web design on a PC, but having a non-responsive website on a mobile device. Consumers are out and about and want information wherever they are at. This means that your website needs to be responsive on all devices. Focus on the content and how it is displayed over any other graphics or fancy add-ons if you want to make the customers yours.


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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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