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Where to Start With Your Content Strategy Plan

  • October 6 2015
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Before you can initiate your content marketing strategy, you must first get down to the basics. Even if you have a slew of information readily available to start piecing together your plan, often you must slow down and first connect the dots. Here are a few things you must first do to get the basics of your content market strategy handled.



Set Your Goals

Before you can start implementing your content marketing strategy, and even before you can begin to think about the content you want to create, you must clearly set out why you want to create the strategy in the first place. What component of your business do you wish to strengthen as a result of your content marketing? For instance, some companies may want to enhance their brand awareness through an increase in page views, website traffic, and downloads. It is always important to ask yourself the question: how does this content strategy support my business goals? If you discover that the content does not support your goals than it likely should not be implemented.



Create a Mission Statement

Your mission statement should cover three parts of your marketing efforts. The first is your audience, which is the sort of person your business can aid the most with the content you produce. The second is your product, which is the type of information you will provide customers with your content. Lastly, what the outcome will be once they’ve read your content. Keep in mind that you should not gear your content towards “everyone”, even if you believe everyone would find your content useful. Instead, be specific.



Determine the Topics Your Content Will Cover

While you may want to start thinking about the kind of content you wish to create, it is best first to reflect on the most important topics that you want to create your content marketing strategy around. There are a few things you can implement to figure this out. For one, you can try providing a survey to understand your basic audience profile. You may also want to turn to Google Analytics to know which of your pages and posts best resonates with your audience. Another simple strategy is to talk with people. Although you likely won’t change your content strategy based on one person’s opinion, by compiling a range of user comments, you can start to see a trend emerge.



Determine The Format of Your Content

When determining the types of content you want to create, you must keep consistency in mind. There are some types of content in which your readers will expect consistency while others can vary drastically without anyone batting an eye. For instance, magazines, blogs, podcasts, and newsletters all require a consistent voice. While on the other hand, guest posts, books, research reports, and branded content all do not need consistency. Also, keep in mind that although it is expected to want to turn out amazing content, this strive for perfection should not cause you to be paralyzed when it comes to publishing. Try to find a middle ground so that you can make small steps towards improving your strategy.



Execute Strategically

Strategic execution of your content marketing strategy must match your brand promise. For instance, even if your Twitter event got excellent engagements, you must ensure that it was aligned with your business’s long-term goals, as well as creating your brand awareness. If it does not then all the engagements in the world will not help you in creating lift in sales. Additionally, as you execute your strategy strategically, you must also be careful to make sure that your efforts support your bigger content marketing goal. For example, even if a partnership can give you a tremendous amount of exposure, you still may want to pass on the opportunity if doesn’t meet your marketing goals or has an adverse impact on your brand.



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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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