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Where to Find Topics to Write About

  • February 15 2014
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As a writer it is often difficult to come up with topics that are unique to write about. There are thousands of articles published on the Internet and in newspapers everyday around the world. Keeping information fresh, especially with repeated trends, requires writers to do some research before they write. Articles that sound similar are found on the Internet every day, it is the job of a writer to bring a new angle to content that is covered by hundreds of writers already.

Current Events

Writing on current events is a way for writers to stay fresh. As a writer, wording a basic news story into something with more perspective is a fun way to approach the topic. Comparing the event to a similar event from previous years is a relevant way to keep that information fresh.

In most cases, it is generally okay to include an opinion or personal take on a situation when writing on current events. Your perspective opens up the floor for reader commentary. It can end up being a great discussion between the writer of a piece and his/her readers.

Google News Searches

If you are a person that does not watch the local news much, simply click the news section on Google daily and be brought up-to-date on current world events. You would be surprised at how many relevant topics can come from this type of quick search. Even writing about why or how something affects the story puts a different angle on the content.

Social Media

Social media happenings, such as changes to Facebook or Twitter, are great conversational topics to write about. When the content you write is shared via social media, again, the floor is opened up for discussion. Believe it or not, hash tags and keywords that are very carefully implemented do make these stories searchable. What you write can have an impact on upcoming changes to social media.

Client Provided

Client provided topics are great, it gives you a direction to start with. As the writer though, you have to ensure that the content is relevant to the topic without straying. Sub-headings or sub-topics are a great way to discuss several points while remaining relevant. Of course, if you feel that the topic is not fitting of keywords or other notes provided by the client, speak with them. Changes can often be made so that the entire article will be relevant.


Relevancy and purpose are important when you are a writer. It is important to always be unique, bring something new to the table. When you’re writing on a topic that is covered rather frequently, think about what you can add to that topic to make it fresh. Always keep your readers in mind as some prefer simple words, short sentences, graphics and lists to breakup large pieces of content. When you explain something, do it thoroughly. Leaving something out is going to make the reader feel as if he or she is missing a piece to the puzzle.

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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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