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Tips for Creating a Kick Ass Press Release

  • July 21 2015
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A perfectly crafted press release can have multiple functions – it can raise awareness of a product or service or other newsworthy information as well as entice journalists to want to write more about it in their own area of expertise. If enough interest is piqued, your press release will garner the attention you desire and be shared in newspapers, magazines, and online forums. The key is what you put in your press release that will make the difference between a dud and one that performs the way you desire.     Grab Attention Fast The one thing that can make or break a press release is its headline. You need to craft it in a way that it makes people want to grab it and read it. Mediocre Read More

5 Powerful Conversion Rate Hacks

  • July 14 2015
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Online marketing needs to be maximized to leverage its possibilities thoroughly. It may be simple to bring visitors to your website, however, it’s an entirely different story when it comes to conversion rates. As a business owner, you are always running against the clock and have a thousand other things to focus on; however improving your conversion rates is a must if you wish to grow your business. Luckily, there are some simple but very powerful hacks you can utilize to skyrocket your conversion rate without too much effort.   1.  Design With Website Conversions in Mind  Your website’s design determines how your content is displayed and doing it correctly will reduce your bounce Read More

Stock Images vs Authentic Images; Does it Really Matter?

  • July 7 2015
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Stock photos are easy and cheap, which makes them extremely tempting. However, a general rule of thumb is to not use them as part of your visual content strategy. Visual content is the key to many successful branding strategies. Nevertheless, many respectable companies make the mistake of utilizing stock photos that make them seem like a sham instead of a credible brand that uses high visual branding standards.     Authentic is Better Than Stock When clicking on your customer service page is there a photo of a guy wearing a headset that looks like he could work for you, but doesn’t? If this is the case, your company is breaking one of the fundamental rules of content marketing-authenticity. Read More

Why is it Important to Identify and Correct Comma Splices

  • June 30 2015
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Example of a Comma Splice:  I finished my homework, the teacher hasn’t corrected it.     Basic Definitions  An independent clause is a group of words that are able to stand on their own as a whole sentence. The group of words must have both a verb and subject to be considered an independent clause. “I finished my homework” would be an independent clause where ‘I’ is the subject and ‘finished’ is the verb.   A conjunction is a term used for a joining word. It refers to words like ‘but’ and ‘and’ that will allow for more complex sentences to be built out of ones that are simple.     How Comma Splices Are Fixed There are four simple ways to fix a Read More

4 Easy Writing Exercises to get the Creative Juices Flowing

  • June 23 2015
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Freelance writing can be an incredibly rewarding career. It lets you be the crafter of something that other people will find useful and enjoyable. Additionally, the entire process of writing can be therapeutic by unlocking hidden feelings and emotions. If you’re having a hard time getting your creative juices flowing and tend to clamp up the second your fingers touch the keyboard then try these four writing exercises that will get you on the path to creating a beautiful piece of writing. If you’re new to writing than these exercises will help get you started and if you’re seasoned then they will help sharpen your skills.   1.  Non-Verbal Writing In this writing exercise, you are to Read More

A Beginners Guide to the Most Important Google Ranking Factors in 2015

  • June 15 2015
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Google currently uses over 200 factors to rank a website. This can be very intimidating for beginners who want to rank their website high on the first page of Google search results. If you want to increase the ranking of your website having a good understanding of the most important factors that come into play when ranking website will greatly benefit you. This in turn will help your website gain popularity. Here is a beginner’s guide to the most important Google ranking factors in 2015.   Title-Tag Keywords   The optimization of your website’s pages has the most effect on your website’s ranking. These factors include keywords in the title tag, which has an incredibly strong relevancy Read More