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A Beginners Guide to the Most Important Google Ranking Factors in 2015

  • June 15 2015
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Google currently uses over 200 factors to rank a website. This can be very intimidating for beginners who want to rank their website high on the first page of Google search results. If you want to increase the ranking of your website having a good understanding of the most important factors that come into play when ranking website will greatly benefit you. This in turn will help your website gain popularity. Here is a beginner’s guide to the most important Google ranking factors in 2015.


Title-Tag Keywords


The optimization of your website’s pages has the most effect on your website’s ranking. These factors include keywords in the title tag, which has an incredibly strong relevancy signal for Google. For humans, the tag is used in order to give a description of the page’s content. However, search engines utilize it in order to display the search result title. It is best to place the keyword at the very start of your title tags, as this will allow your page to be ranked higher than those pages whose keywords are toward the end of the title’s tag. You should also place keywords in the description tag, as it is critical in order to gain user clicks.


Proper Use of Keywords


It wasn’t too long ago that people were able to stuff their website pages with keywords in order to increase their Google ranking for those particular keywords. However, this isn’t the case anymore. Although using keywords in your content will still send relevancy signals to Google, the way that you must place them has drastically changed with new updates of how Google ranks websites.


Informative Content


You must now write content that is informative and useful, and use words naturally within the content. In this day and age, searchers wants to be thoroughly educated and so won’t be satisfied with just basic information. Due to this, Google searches for informative and authoritative content to place on top of its search results. Make sure that your content is authentic and unique as Google will penalize those that simply copy content from a different website.


Outbound Links


Linking your content to the content of authoritative pages of other websites will send signals to search engines that you are a trustworthy source. The only reason that you would send a searcher to a different website is if you wanted to show them more informative content on the subject in the eyes of Google, and so doing so can be a huge contributor to getting Google to trust your website. However, be cautious of putting too many links on your page as this will actually diminish its rank and hurt its visibility. On top of this, using internal links in order to the link pages on your site can increase the strength between them.


Having a Sitemap


Creating a site map allow Google to index pages on your site. It is the most effective and simplest way of showing Google the pages that your website includes, and can automatically increase your website’s ranking.


Optimizing Your Site for Mobile Use


It was only a year ago that less than half of Google searchers only use mobile devices to perform their searches. However, this number has increased exponentially according to research. Ensuring that your website is optimized for mobile use will positively affect its Google ranking.


Social Media Sharing


Once you’ve published your content on your website it is highly recommended that you share it on social media websites such as Twitter and Facebook. There are many people that avoid sharing their content on social media sites due to their lack of knowledge on the platforms; however doing so can make a huge difference in your website’s Google ranking. It is highly recommended that you share your recent posts on all social media sites.


Social Bookmarking Submission


If you are a beginner, it is likely that you have not gotten acquainted with using a social bookmarking submission process. However using it can make a huge difference in how your website is ranked. Social bookmarking websites will store the data location address of your website, which allows for a huge flow of traffic. Make sure that you use a highly ranked social bookmarking websites in order to gain the most benefit from it.

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