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6 Free WordPress Plugins That Will Add Cool Features to Your Website


If you are on the prowl for some of the coolest WordPress plugins of 2016 to give your website a unique feel, then look no further. WordPress is an extremely customizable platform that allows you to create any website that you desire. By using some of these cool plugins on your WordPress site, you can not only make your life easier by increasing the efficiency and functionality of it, but you will also create a better user experience for your visitors so that they come back for more. Let’s take a look at the six free WordPress plugin that will add cool features to your website.


1.  Floating Social Bar

The majority of social media plugins weigh down your WordPress website, as they tend to be clunky and come with bloat. There are plenty of social media networks, and chances are you do not use every single last one of them. Having buttons for them all just makes it so that your website has to run unnecessary scripts, which does nothing but slows down your site. Floating Social Bar is the perfect solution, and one of the best plugins on WordPress for social media. It lets you add only the social networks that you want and is also speed optimized so that you can have beautiful social media buttons on your site without slowing it down.


2.  Envira Gallery

If you have a site focused on photography or simply post many pictures, then the Envira Gallery may be calling your name. The Envira Gallery is a WordPress gallery plugin that is extremely responsive and lets you design beautiful galleries that have plenty of powerful effects, as well as easy to use navigation. This plugin loads extremely quickly and looks good on any device. Although there is a premium version, Envira Gallery Lite allows you to use most of its functions free of charge.


3.  Starbox

Starbox gives its users a professional, stunning, and elegant author box to use in posts. This works whether or not you have many authors or are just a one-person show. It gives you a multitude of options, including a way to create a tab listing the author’s latest posts. You can pick from a number of placements and styles of the box to customize it to your liking. This Plugin encourages your readers to look at the authors’ profiles rather than just passing it by or skimming it.


4.  Light Full-Screen Slider

If you wish to stand out from the crowd while also maximizing your image content, then the Light Full Screen Slider is right up your alley. It is extremely functional and puts a full-screen slider on your website template wherever you’d like slider capabilities using a small amount of code. Although this plugin requires that you edit your website’s templates, you do not need to have extensive knowledge in how to code. All you need to do is enter a simple one-liner that is give to you once you install the plugin, and you will be good to go.


5.  Multimedia Customer Feedback

This is one of the coolest plugins for those who want their visitors to give them feedback. You can let your visitors post their own text, audio, or photos or even upload a video testimonial to give a thorough feedback response. This plugin looks fantastic and can be either implemented using an iFrame or a lightbox. It even gives you the option of emailing your customers to ask them to give them a testimonial and gives you the opportunity to pay them with PayPal if you want to.


6.  Hire Me Status Widget

Although this is more of a widget than a plugin, it is an extremely useful one if you get paid based on your time instead of selling a product or service. This widget adds a status on your website that states whether or not you are available for hiring. This is a great tool for freelancers and businesses alike as you can customize the plugin to accommodate whether you are a company or an individual. Additionally, installing and using this widget is fast and easy. It is an outstanding way to let current and potential clients know whether you are available without having to communicate back and forth.


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