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8 Tips to get the Best Possible Content from Outsourced Writers

  • December 29 2015
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Writing is a fundamental skill that almost everybody possesses, but not everybody is great at it. As a website owner, if you do not feel comfortable writing your own content, or simply don’t have the time to, then you always have the option of outsourcing your writing needs. However, outsourcing your content comes at the risk of not being provided with top-notch quality, as you are handing the keys to your writing needs to another company. The good news, however, is that there are a few ways to ensure that you receive the best content when outsourcing your content. Let’s take a look.


1.  Get to Know the Platform You Are Using

If you’ve outsourced your content needs before then, you know that there are many moving parts that you have to manage to obtain the quality and quantity that you want. It is recommended that you learn the process of outsourcing content creation to ensure that you receive great content. This means knowing the ins and outs of the content provider that you choose. Once you settle on a particular content creation platform, you should set aside some time to experiment with its different features.


2.  Sample a Variety of Writers

You should start by placing a couple of simple orders, such as blog posts to check out a range of writers. This will help you find the writers with the skills and the writing style that you are after while avoiding paying for a significant content order only to receive useless content in a manner that you do not want or written inadequately. Know that it is fully possible to locate excellent writers at lower prices. However, you have to be willing to invest time and energy into finding those writers.


3.  Provide Good Instructions

If you want great content, then you must give excellent instructions to your writers. Your instructions must be both concise and comprehensive. Mastering this is crucial to your success in outsourcing your content needs since your writers are not able to read your mind. As you start working with individual writers for a while, they will get to know what you are looking for and will require fewer instructions going forward.


4.  Consider the Content You Get Back a First Draft

As you create your writer network, you should consider each piece of content that you get back a first draft that likely will require more editing and revisions. Even the best writers out there may not adequately capture what you are looking for the first time around. However, if you like their writing style, and they write well on the subjects you are after, then you should invest time into offering helpful and insightful feedback. You may also choose to pay more money towards attracting better writers who will provide you with content that is nearly ready to publish, which will allow you to spend less time on the editing.


5.  Foster Long-Term Relationships

The most important aspect of content creation is the people. To successfully outsource your content, you must invest time into fostering solid working relationships with good writers. Once you find the writers that give you the quality you want at the price point that you can afford, ensure that you give them detailed feedback, as well overall feedback that isn’t necessarily specific to one piece of content.


6.  Reward and Praise Your Writers

If you want a group of reliable and dedicated writers on your team, then you must treat them well and reward them. Doing this will encourage them to do their best work for you and they will prioritize the assignments that you give them. There are a few ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to give them a bonus every now and again to let them know that they are doing an excellent job.


7.  Set Clear Expectations

Besides giving your writers monetary incentives, you should also be a good contractor to work with. To do this, ensure that you set high and clear expectations, but also be understanding with your writers. For instance, if a writer whom you’ve worked with for an extended period has an emergency come up that makes it so he or she cannot make their deadline, it is best to cut them some slack.


8.  Review Their Work Using Online Tools

If you are not the most skilled at grammar, punctuation, and spelling yourself, then you may have a hard time reviewing your writers’ work. However, you can still properly look over their writing by using online writing tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway. These tools will check the grammar, sentence composition, and spelling for you so that you do not have to sweat it. Both these tools have a limited free option, as well as a full version, which is quite inexpensive for what you are getting.



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