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Producing Creative Content That is Hard to Replicate

  • May 18 2015
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As a content creator it’s not enough to be unique on the Internet, as there are over 3.3 billion indexed pages and counting. Instead, you must be able to write content that is hard to replicate. There are several ways that you can ensure that your writing has not been replicated anywhere on the Internet, and that readers will head to your page to read the content that you wrote and not someone else’s.



Get an Expert Opinion

In order to jazz up your content try to add some expert advice other than your own. It’s important that you find someone who is actually knowledgeable on the topic that you are writing about rather than just someone who has a passing or casual interest. Once you find someone then you can proceed to interview him or her so that you can get really in depth with your topic. You can try to find experts through your acquaintances, family and friends or head to your social media outlets to see if you have any contacts that can help you there. Keep in mind that it’s best to build up a good relationship with your expert first, as your interview will then go much smoother.



Tell Good Stories

If there’s any type of content that can really hold someone’s attention, it’s a story. For thousands of years, people have been telling stories in order to pass down knowledge and make sense of the world, as well as to entertain one another. Stories are extremely memorable due to the fact that they all have a certain basic pattern, which usually has a beginning, conflict, climax, denouement and end. However, each story can be unique in its own way. Having your readers relate to you through the use of stories is an extremely good way to ensure that you’re content is not replicated. If you decide to write your content in a story format then make sure that it is relatable and unique.



Write an Ultimate Guide

Creating an ultimate guide is one of the best ways to ensure that your readers remain interested in your writing. This is due to the fact that a guide can be a one-stop article on everything that a reader would need to know about a certain topic. When doing this make sure that your guide actually lives up to its promise by not leaving out any crucial detail about your certain topic to ensure that you’re not short-changing readers. Additionally, boring headlines can just be a gateway to a boring article. Ensure that you’re headlines have a unique twist to them or are written in a clever way in order to entice readers to keep reading your article.



Research Your Topic Thoroughly

Besides expert opinions, you can also use research in order to increase the depth of your content. You don’t need to have a special degree in your topic in order to research it. If you are resourceful enough, you can even conduct the investigations yourself. For instance, if you are trying to find out how much money lawyers make in New York City, then you can figure this out by asking your lawyer friends or by posting questions online.



Keep in mind that all of these tips require that you put more effort in then simply doing a few searches on Google, and so if you are trying to push out a bunch of articles in a short amount of time then using these won’t be very helpful. That being said, if you truly care about the quality of your content, and about creating content that is not repeated over and over again on the Internet then you should follow these steps.


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Cameron Mackey

Cameron is the Content Manager for the Vorongo Blog. He has spent three years in various content marketing roles. When he is not working with Vorongo he enjoys photography and hiking.

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